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19th October 2020
Luperci Ortus
The young female is a strange mixture of height and nimble gracefulness from her long-bodied sighthound bloodlines, paired with the sturdy core and heavy strength owed to the wolf heritage, currently forming a willowy figure from her narrow shoulders, small bust and slender waist to her muscular, thicker legs.

Likely to grow to near-seven feet upon full maturity, in her Optime form Heska retains a slight hunch along with protruding, barrelling ribs and more digitigrade heavy legs, making the female seem feral even in the humanoid form.

Bright hazel eyes warily gaze above a deep, ragged split in her right lips.

The soft pelt is a mixture of browns and blues, featuring a counter-shade of cream-white covering her underside, chin and creating a whiter skull-like facial marking, with darker blue-grey towards the spine. The pelt is thicker at the core, becoming shorter and thinner as it fans outward, a little feathering is present on the limbs, similar to her back-length mane and longer tail that thins out to the sides.

Currently she would seem a little gangly, but will certainly fill out in adulthood with more core density and significant muscle growth in the legs.

She wears a tattered grey shawl and some loose dark blue wraps over her deep chest, lastly a loose short skirt.
Quiet, thoughtful, humble, aware, gregarious, kind, patient.

As a child, she had become boisterous through her actions rather than words, as she is now Heska is a quiet, almost intense creature. She is wary of her surroundings and watchful of Luperci, being isolated from the main Luperci populations and their cultures during her upbringing within the Order has lead to her being curious and open-minded.

Even as her preferred Optime form, Heska often has a primal aura, for she crouches low to the ground and moves with graceful purpose, rather than great flourish to impress.

Taught to focus her energies rather than wash upon the earth as a storm, she is patient and thoughtful, remaining self-aware and as such, places the needs of others above herself. She appreciates simple things, and takes little for granted, seeking enlightenment through ritualised routines and honing what skills she can acquire.

There is a possible artistic or combat talent, with an interest in charcoal drawings depicting the land and figures, or honing the blade-stick.

Intense, self-disregarding, machosistic, anxious, angry, wary, aloof.

Being raised by the Order after abandonment has left her aloof of others, particularly less civilised and enlightened Luperci, with little affection for those seeking to harm the balance of things.

Suffering and self-denial has morphed into self-flagellation like many Penitents, the many tiny scars mark her body as caring little for pain, thus she seeks more in acts of repentance. Just as likely, she may inflict punishment on another, for that can focus them towards betterment from their own wrongdoings.

From her own seeming abandonment of the Order from her first blood, Heska considers herself a disgrace, thus having less confidence in her abilities when tested, ironically making it harder to embrace betterment for the sake of others.
The Order of St Olessa; Blessed they are, far away, far away.
Before Heska was brought into the world, those whom would create her were themselves wrought from the earth as wildlings; nomadic beings that lived in the old ways, with old blood flowing through their veins and dripping from bared fangs. Even as they became corrupted and then uplifted by the Ortus, they remained like a breeze; never remaining for too long or sinking their roots deep.

Like flotsam, Heska was made and then left to the woodland elements, discarded as unwanted, writhing flesh, but found again by searching limbs of a more enlightened kind. From certain and nameless death in the wilds, she would be nurtured within the safety of a recovered hamlet controlled by the Order of Saint Olessa, Shepherd of Lost Things.

As the female changed from four legged pup to two legged Optime, she was not the only semi-feral creature being molded by St Olessa's chosen. They understood why she clawed at their discipline and patience, why she sought to roam.

Just like a stream of water however, the wildling began to take shape from rapids to a calming stream through the notion of Penitence; the practices had become normal for those who came into the Order, they carried scars and memories from before, and took on new ones in service, both at home, and fending off aggressors.

Physical labour and training honed the body, in which Heska was humbled by those more proficient in the use of weapons by older Penitents, she took to a bladed stick and sling. Meanwhile education of civilised things probed at her mind, visual inspiration came to her from charcoal art on parchment. She tried to understand the basic philosophy of the Order itself; the overpowering need to Focus, to find one's inner Strength, yet be Humble, and always seek enlightened Betterment.

She knew of the First Chosen of St Olessa, who continued to pass her teachings via her weary Monks and hunting Bearers, many of whom were formerly Lost themselves.

In her latter adolescence Heska left the safety of the consecrated hamlet to join a St Olessan Missionary's convoy and his retinue, wishing to witness their work in wilderness. It was when they were a week from home that they encountered an empty camp, the stillness causing the wagons to stop and Penitents to cautiously inspect the surroundings.

Heska at this point had training in a naginata and sling, but it mattered little for the enlightened were ambushed and overwhelmed. To Heska's eternal shame she fled eastward rather than stand and fight with the intent of dying honorable to protect the Order's blessed, fleeing for weeks as certainly the shadowy beasts hunted her with their own zeal.

Now she continues, shame driving her away, but her faith and dented sense of duty unlikely to leave her in peace.
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