Owen Winsor

Midnight Krewe
The Fool
Date of Birth:
17th August 2020

Size Reference
Optime: -- lbs (-- kg) — 6 ft 6 in (78 in) (198 cm)
Secui: -- lbs (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)
Lupus: -- lbs (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)

Boyish and charming on all counts – Owen bears an affable and approachable appearance despite his somewhat intimidating and overly confident posture. He’s built as fighters often are; comprised of muscle, callous, broad shoulders and scraped knuckles. Owen often adopts an unbothered, yet powerful stance with solid footing and a straight back, with hands either planted on his hips or arms crossed over his chest, and this is commonly accompanied by beaming grins or thin smiles alongside his jovial voice. Any appearances of being thoughtful can be quickly discarded upon him speaking, however – given his lacking in the brains department, Owen is prone to visible pauses in his generally ever-moving gestures.

He takes largely after his father’s doggish appearance, with bent, v-shaped ears and a boxy, masculine face, but the cool-blacks and silvery-white tones of his coat are entirely thanks to his mother’s influence, alongside her striking blue eyes. While his own gaze lacks the intensity of a vicious warrior, his expressive features can be intense in their own right and he is rarely muted or static. He rarely strays from his optime form, and often keeps his white-streaked hair pulled up and out of his face. He is missing a premolar tooth.

Speech: Booming, excitable, and full-bodied. Portrays his emotions clearly, and attempts to make his voice sound deeper or more gruff when distressed.

Boasting a boisterous and loud nature, Owen fancies himself a progenitor of a good time. He is armed with a charming, winsome smile never far from his face, and while his wits are lacking, he makes up for his lack of guile and intrigue with the utmost tenacity – as such, he may come across as flakey, inconsistent, or outright flippant as he doggedly pursues whatever so happens to make him happiest rather than better courses of action. There’s a reason as to why brother Landon is the brains of the siblings’ outfit, and there’s a reason as to why Owen fulfills the duty of the brawn. Thinking and brooding is best left for those with a plan, after all.

He feels and expresses his emotions strongly and is often at the whim to his own moods; unintentionally selfish to a fault, he breaks from his own self-absorbed headspaces if only for his siblings’ sakes.

Owen can be confrontational and quick to anger or frustrate, as he was never truly equipped with the emotional intelligence on how to confront conflicting or negative feelings. Navigating the world can often be daunting and complex feelings too often cloud his own judgement to the point he does not often trust himself.





Immediate Family
Family: Winsor, Amaranthe
Mother: Tiamat Amaranthe
Father: Griffin Winsor

Extended Family
Grandparents: Luciana, Declan Winsor, Nikita Volkov, Semini Amaranthe
Aunts & Uncles: Lotan Amaranthe, Calrian Amaranthe, Malik Amaranthe, Serafina Amaranthe, Siolene Amaranthe, Morholt Amaranthe

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Owen Winsor is one of the sons of Tiamat Amaranthe and Griffin Winsor, brother to Landon Winsor and Rosemary Winsor. The intrepid trio were born just outside Portland in relative peace and prosperity, enjoying visits from various family friends, aunts, and uncles. Their world was small, and comfortable. And, for the first few months, it could not have been better.

But good things rarely last – in the winter of 2020, Tiamat stole away at some time into the night with hardly a word. In the wake of the upheaval, Griffin took to the bottle, and, as their various aunties and uncles dwindled to chase down what best made sense, the trio were left to pick up the pieces and responsibilities better left to the unreliable adults around them. Desperately clinging to what sense of childish naivety Owen could to salvage his upbringing, he fell in line with Landon’s leadership as they explored their newfound (and oft misguided) independence. Stubborn and scrappy, they set out to make a name for themselves and take on opportunities otherwise best left untouched, and before long, were swept up beneath Portland’s underbelly and beneath the wing of a man named Cipher.

After several mishaps drawn out by the foolish notions of teenage hubris, conflict culminated in a fire and the death of the friendly neighbor, Simo. With precious little else to cling onto, the Winsor kids and a few companions fled their childhood home to the great unknown.

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