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6th May 2021
Luperci Ortus
[Image: UGeXBEw.png]Easily looking more dog than wolf, despite her muddied heritage, Marina has folded ears and a mottled, patchwork pelt. While far from athletic, she has a sturdy build that still retains the softness of her femininity. She has large, bright eyes and, often, a smile.

Her colors are on the cooler side, the darkest tones almost shining blue in the right sunlight, shifting to a slate gray, then to an alabaster white. There is no rhyme or reason to the pattern on her coat, as they are sprinkled throughout randomly and indiscriminately — though, of note, there is a dark ring around her left eye, both of which shine a vivid cornflower blue.

A traumatic experience triggered her first shift early, and ever since, RIni can be almost exclusively found in her Optime form, as the idea of shifting back to her lesser forms causes extreme anxiety. She likes to doll herself up, having an affinity for pastel-colored dresses and decorating her stark white mane with wild flowers from around the Thistle Kingdom. She has an hourglass figure with wide hips and a small chest, much like her mother, and is small, diminutive, and feminine.
The young Amaranthe can be described as eternally optimistic at best, dangerously gullible at worst.

Under the thumb of her protective mother-aunt, Odalis, Rini is more or less unaware of her dark upbringing and the sick irony of her being a young Bambino in the Thistle Kingdom. Her blissfulness and naïve nature, common for her age, will stick with her for the rest of her life: always willing to lend a hand, Marina wishes to help others in whatever way she can, even if she is woefully unprepared to do so. Sensitive, almost to a fault, she feels her emotions quite strongly — which makes her a good shoulder to cry on, but equally susceptible to tears herself. She wants everyone to love her and see the good in her, just as she sees it in everyone else, even those that certainly don't deserve her kindness.

Marina is also quite clumsy, perhaps something of a ditz or an airhead, but she doesn't let this stop her. She will have quite an affinity for wearing dresses and dolling herself up, which gives her an immense boost in self-confidence, but ultimately she remains humble and grounded, thinking she owes her whole world to her sweet, doting Mama.
Biological Mother: Alejandra Sanctus
Biological Father: Solomon Amaranthe
Littermates: Lissa, Mannuella

Adoptive Mother (Biological Aunt): Odalis

See character wiki for extended family.
Alastar (raven)
Marina was born to mates Alejandra and Solomon in the small loner band of Bête Noire at the end of spring, the only surviving cub in her litter of three. Immediately she was doted on by her loving parents, and the first two months of Rini's life were carefree and nondescript; however, she was blissfully unaware of her parents' checkered pasts catching up with them.

Sins of the mother, sins of the father.

Solomon, long plagued by a traumatic brain injury and permeating guilt, left without a trace, chasing after the ghost of his sister. Terrified he was heading to her once-captors, the Salsolans, Alejandra quickly threw together the essentials and raced after him with her infant daughter in tow.

Odalis had been steadily poisoned by the Thistle Kingdom; Solomon arrived too late. He was struck down on the borders by the Erilaz, O'Riley Eternity, leaving Alejandra to witness the brutal aftermath and bemoan her dead husband — and an inconspicuous puppy crying for comfort close by, ignorant to what was transpiring around her. The Salsolan duo pried away Aly's only remaining child; having once been a servant in Salsola herself, Alejandra's debt would be paid in flesh, whether she agreed to the exchange or not.

Shortly thereafter, Marina was touted to other Salsolans as Odalis's daughter, even as rumors swirled around her immaculate conception. Since then, her true parents have slowed faded further and further into obscurity, and Rini, an unwitting pawn, is eager fit into the eclectic society of her (newfound) home.
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