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Fierce-faced and nearly the size of a standing grizzly in her Optime form, Celaeno is a 7ft wall of imposing wolf. Due to her stature, she more often than not travels in her Lupus form, more comfortable with experiencing the world at shoulder and hock height rather than awkwardly towering above everything. In tandem with size her brown fur further misconstrues her as a bear from a distance, even if her howl quickly gives away her nature no matter if the eyes are playing their tricks. Her stark, nearly unnatural gaze contrasts the dark palate of her fur to create a particularly piercing look about her, their grey hue coupled with her uncharacteristically large body attesting to her being… genetically unsound. Though she carries her weight well, in Optime form she often can be seen toting an ornately carved walking stick adorned in feathers and etched bone charms, using it to help support her during long stints of walking or over rougher terrain. In regards to clothes she trends towards mantles and fur stoles that hang off her shoulders and down her back, seeing as crocheted or woven clothes are more costly to make and tailor for her. Otherwise, If the sound of her lumbering footfalls doesn’t precede her first, typically one can tell she’s coming by the sound of her jewelry clinking, bracelets and necklaces of teeth, claws, and wood-carved replicas of various animal skulls making their own macabre music as she goes. The long and wild nature of her mane leaves Celaeno partial to braiding it rather than cropping it short, and often she’ll accent said braids with charms that join in with the chiming and clinking of the rest of her accessories.
Opinionated and unafraid of voicing it, Celaeno is very accustomed to sticking her foot in her mouth when it comes to social interactions. If she disagrees with someone? They’ll be hearing her 2 cents sooner rather than later, often to her detriment if it’s somebody higher on the food chain than her. If she doesn’t like you you’re liable to know it even if she won’t normally go beyond a simple statement of fact. But, the same is so for if she likes a person, surprisingly being a lover rather than a fighter, contrary to what her stature and fierce appearance might suggest. Trouble is, her guarded nature makes it difficult for her to open up and allow herself to get to know someone enough to like them, much less have someone conversely like her back. Rather than friends, she’s grown accustomed to only having strangers and loose acquaintances in her life ever since leaving her pack. On the rare occasion that someone does coax her to open up? Celaeno is in fact a very thoughtful and considerate person, with her opinionated nature stemming from a strong sense of self and a deeply instilled fear of returning to a time where she had no voice or choice. If she does something kind it’s typically done in a quiet and oftentimes roundabout manner, resulting in a disparity between the good people actively see and the bad habits she openly portrays. Though she understands her words and brute honesty can sometimes hurt others, it’s difficult for her to conversely hurt herself by pretending everything is fine if something isn’t. Though, thanks to this she’s surprisingly good at conflict resolution, and isn’t prone to passive-aggressive behavior. She meets problems head-on, and though she hasn’t the finesse to be particularly diplomatic she is [excellent] at offering support when diplomacy fails. Although, more often than not diplomacy wins when a giant wolf is standing at the ready in the background, which is where Celaeno typically prefers to be: as a backup for when things go awry, rather than an active aggressor.
Celaeno hails from the Alexander Archipelago of Alaska, her original pack an insular cult of local wolves infected by the Luperci virus via an outsider. Said outsider now presides over the clan as a bastardization of Alpha, the hierarchy very traditional even if the idea of a primary ‘pair’ has long since been left by the wayside. He is the only one allowed to sire pups with the women of the clan. Of course, due to this and the insulated nature of their cult, the gene pool within which they exist is very small. Thus, Celaeno’s great grandfather is also her grandfather, as well as her father. This was naturally a point of contention when it came to her leaving, albeit the more primary factor was that she was unable to continue the vicious cycle of siring more children. Sterility saved her from the suffering of motherhood, but in the end, it incurred suffering of a different kind: the kind of suffering that came with losing her family and having to run rather than linger and be killed off for daring to claim that their way of life was being decried by nature, itself.

At a little over a year in age she’d cross the small sliver of sea that separated her from the mainland, and from there began a year-long journey from the furthest reaches of the West all the way to the East. In that time she primarily followed the tracts of land where the caribou traveled, growing wise in the way of the nomad and making acquaintances with other roaming wolves that liked to pursue their food. She learned how to weather the seasons, fashioned a wolf-drawn sled to carry shelter and supplies wherever she traveled, and for the most part let the food dictate where it was she went.

In time her stance changed in regards to where she wanted to go. Rather than strictly following the Caribou, she came across traveling merchants who made mention of settlements at the Eastern coast. It made her long for the smell of salt and perhaps some stability since snow wasn’t a steady foundation to build much more than a tent on out in the wild. Could there be a place there for her? If there even was a place waiting at all to the East? There was only one way to find out, and so Celaeno traveled with purpose rather than a simple desire for a meal. Even if there was nothing at the coast for her in regards to a home, she wanted to see the sea again.

So, almost a year since she’d stolen a crude fishing boat and left her pack back in the Archipelago, Celaeno rides the line between Cape Acadia and the Branta Stretch, gradually following the abundant deer population bleeding its way down into its apex at Gaspesia. The scent of the ocean calls to her, but the uncertainty of trespassing into foreign territory keeps her at bay. Yet, how long might it be until her desire to visit the sea again grows to be too much? Perhaps not long at all…
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