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The Tradesman
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Discord Handle: JazzytheHippo#1273
Date of Birth:
1st March 2021
A boy built to grow to great heights. Arius is a heavy-built lad with more of his wolf and dog genetics showing in his appearance. His fur is dense and adds to his growing yet muscular body to make Ari look even bigger.

His fur is a multitude of darker tones, with mixes of dark browns, dull browns or warm browns mixed throughout. Where his body takes the most of the darker tones, including across his back and chest, across his legs, ears and tail the tones are lighter. Around his face and speckled across his back are some white and grey tones, creating a contrast especially to Arius's face.

His eyes are a light purple lavender tone. When he eventually shifts to his two-legged form, his mane will grow into a long mass of dark hair, which Ari tends to tie into braids or dreads to keep out of the way.

Ari's voice is deep for his age and will continue to keep its rough tone throughout his growth. He will favour his optime form once he can shift, and will stand at a very impressive height; able to tower over the majority of others.
Arius is spoilt, intitled and dangerous. His youth has taught him to listen to his mother Aani and see her above everyone else, but also soak in her praises and consider himself better than others. He will happily fight someone else into submission, which during his childhood is satiated by constant fighting with his sister Dierdra. He fights to let out his frustrations and prove himself better. As a puppy this is easily dealt with, but as he grows there is no telling who Ari will aim his ire at.

But the boy is not completely impulsive. Although Ari fully believes he can do anything that his mother allows and can do no wrong, he also understands that there are certain things around him that he cannot fight or break to his will. Community and hierarchy are things Arius will follow for as long as he sees a benefit to them.

Arius suffers easily from frustration and irritation when not around others. His youth spent in the shadow of his mother or anyone else who would spend time with him has brought on a desire for constant attention, good or bad. When alone, Arius struggles to think for himself, and his anger builds up until he's finally given what he wants. Arius does hate the fact that he needs company to function, and sometimes that shame and frustration and leak into lashing out at those around him, despite not wanting them to leave him. when he doesn't lash out, Arius tries his hardest to act aloof to avoid coming across as needy, and yet at the same time will do anything in his power to keep others nearby.
Mother: Aani Aston-D'Noires
Father (also Mother): Eden de le Ulrich
Siblings: Dierdra de le Ulrich, Catalina de le Ulrich
Arius and his siblings were born to Aani after she manipulated and drugged Eden to have children together. From his birth, as the only son, Arius was given special treatment. His mother was a cruel teacher and would certainly snap her demands at Ari whenever the young boy was being rebellious, but for all the lessons Arius was also given praise and affection. Being doted on, given more attention and growing bigger than his siblings made Arius's head also swell. He considers himself to be better than the girls, not just in strength but in every way he can think of.

He loves his mother for all her praise and attention, and considers his other mother, Eden, as someone he could add to his list provided they also give him back enough. Through his youth Arius has seen many things already, including the death of one of his sisters. This Arius knows is bad, and yet he also understands that he must keep it all secret to keep his mother happy. Ari has gotten over the death quickly, now considering one less sister as one less sibling to compete against for attention and love.

Now as Arius grows bigger, he strives to continue being the center of attention.
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