Hulda Moreau


Date of Birth:
28th December 2019
Luperci Ortus
[Image: hulda-lupus-pix.png]

Hulda is markedly doggish in shape and colouring although her wolfish bloodline contributes to a shaggy and well-insulated coat. It thickens around her neck, limbs, and flanks. A lean and well-built creature who retains a level of elegance. Curious almond-shaped eyes gaze out of a wolfish face, with a strong muzzle and pointed head. The tall ears crowning her skull easily display her emotional state, as does her tail. The woman naturally holds herself proudly, with precise posture and subtle smiles when around strangers; Genuine displays of affection are preserved for friends and family.

Hulda’s pelt is dominated by cool shades of gray, tawny, and black markings appearing like a mask and blanket. Cream tips her muzzle, feet, and tail tip. Warm barley accents her under-eyes, cheeks and sits beneath the blanket marking. She has distinctive facial patterning that resembles eyeliner at the corners of each eye. She has full heterochromia with her left eye being brown and the other blue.

[Image: hulda-secui-pix.png]

Her half-ling form is an intimidating sight; hulking and boxy in composition. The thickness of her fur in Secui adds bulk The agouti patterning of her coat is more apparent as her markings expand across her body.

[Image: hulda-optime-pix.png]

In Optime she has an athletic build, with a boyish physique owing to her narrow shoulders and small bust. Her hair is shoulder-length and messy, occasionally braided along her head and neck to keep it out of her way. When she does don clothing it is loose fitting to enable a full range of movement. Jewelry is a guilty pleasure for the woman, as both her father and adoptive sister enjoyed wearing them and to an extent she does, too. A gift from her mother, a protective amulet carved in wood hangs from a leather cord tied close to her neck.
Hulda is agreeable, but with a quick temper and a fear of her own negative emotions. She inherited her mother’s formidable temper. Her anger is quick to ignite and burns long; coupled with her choleric disposition results in destructive behaviours.

Her sheltered upbringing has made her naive of the world, which makes her prefer the company of her parents and siblings over strangers. As such, she can be quick to jump to conclusions and make assumptions with new acquaintances she meets. She does maintain a polite and friendly manner upon first meeting, although her stoic expression may make her difficult to relate to.

She is compassionate, concerned with helping others and keeping her family unit together. The woman is relationship-focused and feels lost without a community to belong to. This drives her to seek out company and acceptance. Despite her aloof exterior, her heart is open to the poor and helpless - she counts several rescued animals as her charges. Those who mock or harm what is hers or her values are likely met with an emotional outburst; or if they’re fortunate a lecture on being better.

Hulda has a strong sense of self and can be uncompromising with her beliefs. She believes in being self-sufficient, fearing that relying on others or packs breeds complacency. Once she has made up her mind about something, it can prove difficult to persuade her otherwise.
Mother Valdís
Father Everett Moreau
Siblings Mjrn and Vivi
Adoptive sibling Rozenn

Uncle Sebastien Stone *
Paternal grandmother Madeline Dubois *

* Denotes this character does not know of and has not met these relations.
Archimedes, the Hawk owl is only active during the day. Medium-sized and a mix of browns, off-white, and creams with barring along his breast and stomach.

Eir, the mule. Her mother was a descendent of heavy draft mixes resulting in a compact mare with a sorrel coat.
The Moreau triplet's story begins with the unlikely meeting of two strangers in a strange land. Everett, an Englishman who had settled into Casa di Cavalieri to escape his turbulent past. Valdís, a wildling from the lands of fire and ice, marked with intricate tattoos and survived on her own strength and willpower. Their courtship developed slowly as each learned much about the other, and eventually, the couple settled in the outskirts of Everett's pack's outpost in Portland. One long-awaited day in winter 2019 saw the arrival of their first litter - two daughters and a son.

Hulda’s early years were simple - both parents were doting and protective, which saw her develop into a well-fed and capable youth. Her curiosity and closeness to the Portland Outpost ensured she was able to learn a multitude of skills and fostered many connections with individuals. However, the girl’s tendency to solve problems with her teeth and claws alienated her from her peers, which led her parents to find a creative outlet for her temper.

Fortunately, Hulda liked to help and had an eagerness to learn from others. Raised on her father's stories, the lands of ‘Souls and the canines he met along the way etched themselves into her imagination. The girl’s enthusiasm for pack life was tempered by her mother’s warnings, however. When news reached the Outpost of recent events happening in Casa, she picked up on the distress of her parents. Although too young at the time to comprehend what was happening, a desire to prepare herself for her future was brought into being at that moment.

With her mind focused on this uncertain future, Hulda thrived in the martial culture the outpost fostered. Like a blade, she sharpened her skills in self-defense and learned that she liked polearms, feral fighting, and ranged weaponry. When she wasn’t training, she tended to the small menagerie of injured or downtrodden animals she had rescued.

Brought up with Valdís’ spirituality, it was in her fourth month that she began to explore her own beliefs. Hulda does not believe in a higher power but thinks that everything has a soul and should be respected. She began to read signs in nature to soothe her growing paranoia and often relied on runes before making an important decision.

One day she picked up Ehwaz, which she presumed was the spirits telling her to go on a journey. Perhaps her travels would reveal to her how to change or avert the future she wanted to avoid. With her parent's blessing and her two companions, Archimedes the owl and Eir the mule she set off toward the lands she has heard so much about.
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