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19th January 2020
Gwaun looks mostly like a dog, closely resembling his herding breed heritage. He's larger than the average border collie or Australian shepherd, and slightly more stocky. Gwaun's face is soft-furred and gentle-featured, barely resembling a wolf's at all, with half-flopped ears and light gray eyes. He has a long, shaggy double coat the color of broken stormclouds, dark gray dappled over light. His nose and paw pads are a light gray-brown.

In optime form, Gwaun is 5'10" tall, the musculature of a devoted shepherd slowly developing under his fur. He has shoulder-length, wavy hair in the same, dappled grays as his coat. Each patch of color lines up with a spot on his head, and he often ties it back into a short ponytail at the nape of his neck. The back is always slightly uneven, as Gwaun cuts it himself.

Gwaun enjoys wearing light, flowing clothing that doesn't put too much pressure on his body. Many of the wool garments he owns he's made himself, their amateurish construction on full, brightly-colored display. While not as invested in the fashion of the moon as some of his packmates, a keen eye may notice how his clothes change from season to season, old garments made new with stylish adornments and fresh dye.
Gwaun is a quiet, observant young man who comes across as mature for his age. He’s thoughtful and responsible, caring deeply for his family and how his actions may affect them, and prefers to listen more than speak. Only a few things — herding sheep, Old Caledonian history and religion, and the majesty of the night sky — interest Gwaun so much that not talking about them is almost painful for him.

Gwaun is also a bit of an oddball, with quirks that make him wonder if he’s somehow a sheep in dog’s clothing. He finds eye contact psychologically uncomfortable, prefers to work while talking (even if he must invent a task to do so), and chooses to sleep with the flock on nights when his family's pile gets too warm for him. He also has a penchant for quiet, but spirited singing, finding it helps him focus on his work — even if that "work" is explaining something to someone.

If someone's looking for Gwaun, they know to check Rhovanion first and the Dye Studio second; the aspiring herdsman and weaver has a predictable schedule, even if he's only there to love on the sheep or chat with Pippa about her latest projects. If somehow that fails, one might want to look at the sky: if it's an especially clear, dark night, Gwaun is no doubt staring at the stars from one of his many vantage points around Fort Louisbourg.

Gwaun is pansexual and demiromantic, and has yet to experience a crush that's gone anywhere. Nevertheless, the young man dreams of falling for one of his best friends and having a long, flowery courtship that leads to a comfortable, devoted marriage.
Gwaun was born the oldest of four siblings, and spent the first two moons of his life in the wilds near New Caledonia. With food in short supply, the pups' mothers located their father Arran in New Caledonia and had him take the puppies in after they were weaned. While they didn't stick around to care for their children further, the women visited whenever their travels allowed, and their arrival never failed to make Gwaun's whole moon.

Raised on stories of Old and New Caledonia alike, Gwaun has grown into a kind, curious, and devout young man during his short, but eventful life. He's attended a grand feast, watched a unicorn hunt, gotten lost in a moth-filled fog, worn his finest clothes to the winter ball, gained two little brothers, bid his sister Soron a fond farewell, and attended a wedding that almost ended in a murder in just four seasons.

Most importantly, he's discovered what he calls his "secrets of the universe," gifted to him by the duel-headed god of the Menel, Valleuar: the moon is closer to New Caledonia than the stars; something makes the moon turn dark once every thirty nights, during which it can still be tracked across a clear sky; and one star never moves, hanging in the northern sky no matter what time or season it is.
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