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Luperci Counselor Tier III, Herbalist Tier III, Brotherhood: Tactician Mate to Cedric Stryder Lilac Heart Best in Show Sticks in your teeth! January Embers. My heart burns there, too.
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High Content Wolf-Dog
Date of Birth:
23rd October 2017

Shades of onyx, charcoal, gunmetal and silver intertwine in her lavish and downy coat. When the sun hits it just right, deep mahogany reds shimmer in the sunlight, giving her dark coat a reddish glow. The onyx covers most of her body, while the charcoal cover the bottom of her arms and legs and the underside and tip of her tail giving it a foxlike look. It's as if just the tips of her coat is colored dark; at the parts of her body with the most movement the gunmetal and silver shine through. Below her collar bone in the center of her chest, silvery fur makes a abstract heart design with the point of the heart ending between her chest's cleavage.
Everything about her is petite, and her paws are delicate. The only thing that is slightly out of proportion with her elegant frame are her slightly larger ears. Her left ear is pointed, and her right ear is mostly pointed, but the tip folds forward just a bit. Her tail is also slightly longer and fluffier than it should be.
Her eyes are a stark contrast against her sable coat. The left is a rich amber and golden hue that lights the way for lost souls. The right is the palest icy blue that captures light in even the darkest hours.
Onyx, charcoal, gunmetal and silver wavy and curly hair hang down to her waist in an Ombre pattern that glistens in the sun. When bored with her hair she my die the ends vibrant colors. On the most humid days, the curls are more intense making her hair appear shorter. One will usually find her hair in a long single loose braid to the side so it hangs over her front intertwined with wild flowers she finds out in the wild. If by chance she allows her hair to be loose, she usually wears a flower headpiece placed upon her crown made of local flowers that differ depending on season.
One will usually find her in lightweight, almost see through cotton garments, even in the dead of winter. Large bell sleeves flow from her arms, serving no purpose but to get snagged on branches and the like. The top has a deep V-neck and a tight band wrapped around her ribcage and under her well endowed chest. From the center point under the band the fabric splays open exposing her stomach and floating behind her as she walks. A wrap skirt sits on the widest part of her hips, and flows to an uneven hem around her hock joints and there are two long splits running down the front of her leg and a long split center of the back to allow for her tail to move freely. The skirt floats behind her as she walks. The skirt is different shades of blues and green all mixed together, but the colors and light and faded.

There may never have been a sweeter and more kind soul than Ky'Ry "Kai" Wolfe-Denahlii. Kindness radiates from deep inside and flows about where ever she goes. It's like a warm spring wind hitting your face after a bitter cold winter. Many may find her odd as she hums everywhere she goes, as a way to commune with nature. It wouldn't be odd to find her conversing with the flowers and trees or any animal from the smallest spider to the largest bear if she could get close enough.

Kai has never known a stranger and sees the good in everyone, even on their darkest days. Some may call her naïve and gullible to a fault, but her good far outweighs the bad. Kind and loyal are some of her most valuable characteristics.

Following in her mother's footsteps studying plants and herbs to find their inner powers; healing, connecting with the dead, or a painless way to say goodbye. She is very open spiritually and communes with the spirits of both animal and luperci. Kai is a wonderful listener and many find it easy to speak with her and open up, most of the time revealing their deepest and darkest secrets which she locks away in her heart never to be spoken again. She will also use plants or alcohol to open her senses and make it easier to communicate.

She loves music and art and if she isn't talking with the local flora and fauna, you may find her randomly dancing around or perched somewhere drawing.

Many find her odd and unusual, but it doesn't affect her in the slightest.
  • Mother: Qyska Denahlii
  • Father: Traveling Luperci

Extended Family:
  • Grandfather: Temo Wolfe
  • GrandMother: Jace Wolfe

  • Pandora Wolfe-Denahlii, Dalgina Wolfe-Denahlii
    Keldava Wolfe-Denahli, Lorenna Makenzzi Denahlii
    Starr Talk Denahlii, Ky'Ry' Wolfe-Denahlii, Nayavota Denahlii
    Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii, Drahnor Wolfe VI, Adam Wolfe II
    Samson Denahlii

  • Azazel Collins, Liza Moonbreaker, Jacelyn Wolfebreaker
    Kyros Denahlii, Treyna Wolfe, Thyros Wolfe-Denahlii
    Kjintora Wolfe-Denahlii, Thariah Denahlii, Intara Wolfe
    Iyrah Danakan, Leesio Svinka Denahlii, Temo Wolfe II
    Ellona Denahlii, Risa Rivera, Avery Knight, Bailey Wolfe-Knight
    Lotai Wolfe-Denahlii, Kjindrah Wolfe -Denahlii, Jacelyn Denahlii


Mustang/Paint cross horse. Silver grulla in color with blue eyes, a heart shaped marking on its forehead that runs into a white blaze.

Born out of wedlock to Qyska Denahlii and a traveling luperci, Kai was raised by her single mother. Qyska did her best to raise her in the Wolfe -Denahlii ways including their belief in the All Mother, the bearer of all life and Artoi who is the mother of arctic wolves far and near. Kai was also taught to read and write, as well as speak the Wolfe-Denahlii language, Denahlii Svinka Tolkora fluently. She also studied herbology with her mother religiously, which came easily to her.

As a young pup the two settled near the Casa di Cavalieri Outpost, so they were always close to packmates if trouble stirred. Once old enough to travel, the two took to the nomadic life, learning all they could from fellow travelers. Qyska would bring Kai to Fort Kingsbury and the Outpost often to visit with family and pack members. As she grew she learned to hunt with a bow. As are the Wolfe-Denahlii ways, no part of the animal was ever wasted. Though not a fighter, Qyska instilled in her the necessity to be able to defend herself and learned to use a staff and daggers if the need arose.

As she entered her adult years, the two traded animal skins, meat and other items they made from their hunts for a horse so that Kai could travel alongside her mother and make small day trips by herself to hunt or visit nearby villages as they traveled. One day they ran across a beautiful Mustang/Paint cross with a silver grulla coat and blue eyes. It was the most beautiful horse Kai had ever seen. It was a match made in heaven, because it's face marking had a heart that ran into a blaze. Needless to say it was love at first sight.

Now that she is almost 4, Qyska gave her blessing to Kai to rejoin the pack at Fort Kingsbury where she can mingle and make friends. With her horse packed, she kissed her mother goodbye promising to write often she make her way home to Casa di Cavalieri.
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