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Los Linternas
Luperci Caballista II, Tanner I, Outfitter I Mastery Best in Show
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19th February 2020
Luperci Ortus
Bennett’s coat is a mixture of grays, and browns, giving him an almost agouti look. With a naturally tapered and narrowed face, much like his coyote heritage, he has a nose ring that slightly off-puts his very narrow muzzle. And wears a wooden cross made by his grandmother, tied with some leather around his neck.

Benny oftentimes is found dressed in high-end fashionable clothing. An unbuttoned shirt revealing most of his white chest, with a pair of buckskin pants, or shorts. Often found allowing his long white and grey hair to grow out, and typically letting his sisters’ give him updos.

Bennett has three claw marks across his back, that are never shown, unless he takes his shirt off.

Much like a teenager that he is, Bennett isn’t at his full height yet, setting in at six foot five inches currently, and two hundred fifteen pounds.

Benny will wind up finishing his height at six foot ten inches and finish out his weight as he grows into his form.

With willowy limbs, his arms show no muscle, however underneath it all, he is stronger than he seems. Trained with a bow since being able to shift, the Braithwaite male is your typical run of the mill archer. Calloused fingers from working and making bows and arrows.

Bennett is a straight standing, bite is bigger than his bite, type of male. Never slouching and always polite. The gruffness of his voice makes him wish to not speak, and thus creates a sort of mysterious aura about him.
Bennett is kind first and foremost, having his family in his best interest. Although he gets along with his litter-mates, Benny is more of a “loner” so to say. Cautious and sticking to himself, there is a certain mistrust in his eyes. He is especially mistrustful of those in the Gang, inherited from what their dealings were with the Del Mar’s.

While his brother did his own thing with Gram, Bennett often times found himself surrounded with the girls. Allowing Florene and Bernadette to do his hair, and even dress him up. There is no doubt he will be a great father one day. Although he will not admit to this, and can typically be found around the animals, of Palisade. Fond of children, the Braithwaite male enjoys their childish behaviors, alone and away from watchful adult eyes.

Quiet, reserved and unapproachable— he tends to talk only when spoken to, and has an awkwardness that carries a mile away. Benny isn’t sure what his sexual orientation is, and is a Christian man through and through, wearing his cross that Grandma Meredith made for him. Having not learned really much Spanish, he understands very little, and finds the language taught to his older siblings strange.

Bennett is your typical knight in shining armor character, and “rescuer”. If you are in need he will come, and assist in anyway he can.

Not easily trusting, he is very guarded, careful of what he says and who he says what to. I afraid in the face of danger, he is willing to do whatever it takes to protect his family in Palisade. Sent to keep an eye on his older sisters, the truth of what has actually happened may just set his heart aflame.

All in all— Bennett is a kind, sharp-witted, responsible, and respectable young man, who does have a tendency to over analyze and over think situation. A look of “constant brooding” is his demeanor.
Mother: Felicity Bishop

Father: Alric Braithwaite

Siblings: Peony Braithwaite, Belinda Braithwaite, Florene Braithwaite, Colter Braithwaite, and Bernadette Braithwaite.

— A goat by the name of Chapo, burnt colored and constantly filthy. Wanting to headbutt anything and everything in its path. He is around four years old, and even if he is a royal jerk, Bennett pampers his goat and loves him dearly.

—As sweet palomino mare by the name of Juanita. She is still a young filly with a lot of energy. A gift to him when he was born. She is only twenty months old. He personally broke her into the saddle, and worked with his family to get her ready for a long trip to The Gang.
Bennett grew up like a normal child, surrounded by his three siblings, his grandma and his parents. He lived happily, and did not experience anything that was incredibly detrimental to his life as a happy child. His oldest siblings he never knew but often times got letters read to him from Peony, whom his mother and grandmother adored. That was until he found out about the deaths of the Del Mar’s, and his world turned upside down.

Grandma and momma, we’re very concerned about their families placement within Palisade, once they had begun their rule again, he began to have harder lessons for writing and reading, and was growing weary quite quickly. The small boy shifted into a large over-grown optime at six and a half months, a late shifter, and when he shifted he was given a bow and arrow to start his shooting. The young man began to outshoot most of his siblings, but then found himself drawn to other aspects of life...

Once he turned ten months old, the brute had accomplished learning how to properly train and break a horse, as well as shooting a bow and arrow. He began crafting his own bows and arrows as well as tack, taking it upon himself to begin “trading” these with outsiders to Palisade.

On his year old birthday, him and his siblings decided to go hunting. During a “dare” from some other girls whom were his sisters friends— he pierced his nose.

Then when he reached fourteen months old, the brute went out by himself to trade with some shady foreigners... which resulted in his stock of bow and arrows (months worth of hard work) stolen and he was beaten and “marked” by that of Lupreci, themselves. Five against one was hardly fair, and he took a piece of one of their ears with him.

Upon returning home to Palisade broken and beaten, his grandma insisted that he should be her “spy” and check in on his older siblings. What with Peony’s letters become less and less frequent, and her explanations short, she had a sneaky suspicion that Peony was up to no good. Working to hone in on his wood work and bow work, the brute trained under his grandma specifically, until he was fifteen months.

The last month the brute left and has just reached Souls, taking it upon himself to take his sweet time in arriving where his estranged family members are...
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