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Luperci Ortus
Pompeii is a melanistic, jackaldog crossbreed and it shows in her waif-like form. Her limbs are long and willowy giving her a dancers frame. What stands out the most on this woman is her large, owlish eyes that are always bright and observant. Yellow tints stand out against the deep, honeyed-brown of her irises with long, dark lashes that encircle them.

Her ears almost appear to large for her head, but they truly frame her pointed fox-like face. Her hair is kept short, above her shoulders and during special occasions she can be seen sporting brightly colored head scarfs and head dresses. Peii is highly humanized, she prefers being able to use her hands for her many crafts and wear clothing to compliment her waif-like and foreign appearing frame. She wears a variety of Patiala-styled garments, her favourites being a mix of purples, golds, reds and teals.

Cloaked almost completely head-to-toe in shadows, during the summer months the tips of her fur grow a little sun bleached sporting the only color to her coat which has deep brown low lights. There is a small grey marking in the center of her chest, perhaps damaged hair follicles covering an old scar. Her ears are pierced on each side in which she tends to wear gold jewelry to compliment her bright yellow eyes.
Eager to learn, Pompeii is a curious and driven individual and it shows in her many crafts. This woman focuses on elevating her station and would never settle for average. She stands out in all fashions of her life her personality being larger than life, her fashion choices eccentric, foreign and brightly colored as well as her choice of crafts that range on the artistic-side of things.

This woman is canny and is very prudent in all her choices in life. Whether that means purchasing new items for her craft or outfits all the way up to the type of company she keeps. She always searches for an advantage and is not afraid to use her looks or personality to gain such things.

With her crafts ranging from working with her hands to using her body or voice to weave and create, she is imaginative in all walks of life and is very driven and ambitious to further her craft and skills. Pompeii knows where her strengths lie and is not afraid to further those by asking questions and looking for ways to expanding her knowledge.

Pompeii does not like being ignored or overshadowed by another and will never repress or subdue her personality for another. She is a bright, lively creature that thrives on the attention of others and does not like to be seen as a boring individual.
Pompeii is a secretive individual and tends to weave tales about who her relatives are to those that ask. Did she grow up on the streets fighting for every crumb? or did she grow up in the riches of a fine palace and wealthy parents? Eventually, one day, maybe she will reveal her true story.
Pompeii has never told a soul about her true past or where she came from exactly. While bits of pieces of her tales about her history may contain some truths woven into some fantastical story it is not entirely clear. An enigma to those she meets, it is obvious she has had some kind of formal training at least because her skills are varied, but she has many strengths. Whether she lied to apprentice under such craftsman she will never admit.

Whether she is running from her past or running towards a bright and interesting future is unsure, either way Pompeii hopped a ship sailing from the major port in Lisbon and traveled to Freetown where her talents allowed her to earn a small living while she was exploring the area and acquiring tidbits of information of those that were in power near the coast.

Having caught the eye of the Governor in Portland with the quality of her refined paper goods, Pompeii proved herself a canny merchant and a skilled craftsman. She was invited to accompany Blair on the long pilgrimage back to Salsola Proper to participate in its Decennial birthday celebrations in April of 2021.

Since her arrival, Pompeii has been given the grand tour of the Thistle Kingdom by Morrow Larue, a ward of the queen and a seemingly harmless ally in her new neighborhood. Having deemed himself her Sponsor, Morrow is attempting best he can to impart crucial knowledge of Salsola's cultural norms upon the exotic ex-Outsider. But undoubtedly, Pompeii has her own designs for the future...
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