Whisper Eternity

The Arbiter

The Arbiter
Luperci Cavalleria & Vaquera
Date of Birth:
15th June 2020
Whisper is a tall, long-legged animal. She is more wolf than dog, and resembles this, but has notable markings that give away her domestic heritage. Her pelt is mostly a gray agouti all over, and but accented by several warm, tawny sections. Darker (but faint) spots are visible among her fur, which is thick, longer than average, and semi-coarse. Whisper truly resembles a wolf in her face, which is angular, though her eyes and pale face suggest otherwise. Whisper has a rather mean looking resting face, though she is otherwise very expressive. She has sectoral heterochromia, with a single blue segment in her left eye.

Still a yearling, Whisper has yet to fully grow into her form. She certainly resembles an adult, especially given her height, which is slightly larger than average.

Clothing and accessories play a big role within Salsola, but Whisper (like her father) prefers to wear as little as possible. When she does dress up, her style favors bright colors, tassles, and whatever fashion choice is trending among her peers. Her hair is very long, and rarely seen outside of a braid.

Though she currently lacks any permanent scars, it is not uncommon for Whisper to sport a minor cut or abrasion, especially on her hands. While she disguises her scent outside of Salsola, Whisper always carries the smell of horses.

art by Alaine
Whisper is driven by what she believes to be the goal for all Salsolans – power. As the daughter of a high-ranking family and noble House, early in life Whisper wanted for very little. With her needs and wants catered to, she was somewhat spoiled and quickly became apathetic to all but the things which interested her most.

Having experienced little in terms of trials and tribulation, Whisper is extremely optimistic. Very little can get her down, and she has yet to have anyone betray her personally. She remains an honest and industrious young woman, though one whose capricious nature is apparent outside of her work – playing tricks has proven her primary form of entertainment. Audacious and adaptable, Whisper thrives when faced with a challenge. Occasionally struck by insomnia, she has spent plenty nights awake reading the many books in her mother's library and expanding her knowledge base.

Despite her name, one can easily hear Whisper whenever she speaks. Her voice is loud, and she loves to talk – mostly about her favorite things, of course: horses, gardening, and astrology.

She's an upstanding citizen and believes conforming to Salsola's culture and Law, and service to her pack, are duties that any respectable member of la Familia should uphold.

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Mother: Idrieus Eternity
Father: Grievous Eternity
Siblings: Azalea Eternity, Lilium Eternity

Extended: Eternity, D'Angelo
Companion NPC: Tanya (Pauson Horse)
Whisper Eternity is a member of Salsola, where she was born. The daughter of Idrieus and Grievous Eternity, Whisper is a member of an affluent household. She is the youngest of triplets, following Azalea and Lilium.

Her early childhood was largely without any incidents of note. When she was young, her father brought an older girl into their house to serve as their au pair – Heulwen Chatham, a former slave from Rabenuhr. In addition to her duties as a housekeeper, the young woman oversaw much of triplets when their parents were working. These days were spent either indoors or within the familiar grounds of the Ruins, the sprawling central hub of Salsola's residential area. As she grew older, her fascination with her father's work – or more specifically, the huge, powerful animals he trained. When she was old enough to shift, Whisper began spending most of her free time in Salsola's barns. She was a quick learner and eager to help, if only because she was desperate to learn how to ride.

Around this same time, her litter-mate Azalea completed her own Cueponi ceremony and rose into the ranks of the adults. This altered the dynamic of their household. Faced with this first new disruption, Whisper seemed at first unaffected. Later, when Azalea moved out of their childhood home, things became more complicated.

Mostly, Whisper has kept busy with the things she likes the best. The acquisition of her own filly, Tanya, provided an outlet for the horse-crazy yearling to focus her energy on.
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