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Highcontent wolfdog.
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Standing at 7'1 tall and 230 lbs, Aberama is a big boy who's still not reached full maturity. As a true adult, he will have broad shoulders and a muscular upper body. While somewhat fast as a youth, he will become slower as he bulks out and will pack quite the punch. His style of fighting is called a ' boxer-puncher' where he's able to adapt to different situations and is slower on his feet but quick with his hands while heavy with the weight of his hits. Secui he hulks out to 49 inches at the shoulder, and 165 lbs. In his natural form - lupus, Aberama looks to be a very large wolf, though the feathering present and signature black mask give away his dog heritage. In all forms, he has large ears that are slightly crooked at the ends.

His pelt is made up of earthy-hues, with a dark mask that stretches down his throat, all the way from chest to his stomach and on the inside of his legs and underneath his tail. A high content wolf dog, Aberama is not certain of his dog heritage and his best bet would be some sort of large mutt that had long fur and boundless energy. He has large dark ears that fade into a lighter saddle down the back of his neck to the very end of his tail. In between his back and front are lots of transitional hues that blend the different shades of brown nicely.

His eyes are a defining feature, the main color of his iris' a bright turquoise rimmed with gold. Aberama also has a golden earring near the tip of one of his ears and has a snaggle tooth from one of the facial injuries he received from the attack. He tends to wear leather shorts and brightly colored, patchwork linen shirts. For ornamentation the hybrid wears a selection of necklaces that don't appear to match but fit together regardless. His hair is kept in a loose half up, half down style with face framing pieces in a shade that matches his darkest markings.



There is good in my heart, but these hands belong to the devil.

Daring ∙ Fearless ∙ Reactive ∙ Short tempered ∙ Strong ∙ Athletic ∙ Explosive ∙ Closed off ∙ Ashamed ∙ Bottles emotions ∙ Cocky ∙ Dismissive


As a child belonging to a travelling band of nomads, Aberamas way of approaching life is more lackadaisical then most. Always on the move, he was never in one location for long and has a hard time settling down and feeling attachment to particular places. Material things are fleeting and easily lost in the shuffle of travel, and therefore have lower value to him.

He is familiar with working in exchange for goods and services, though detests menial labour and prefers to earn his keep through animal husbandry, where there are limited interactions with others besides the animals. Before he shifted, Aberama was more in tune with his family and spent lots of time with them, playing and enacting mischief. That changed as his father's vein of work became more apparent, and when the boy completed his first shift and so began his mercenary training.

Fighting was new to him, but Aberama quickly became enamoured with the adrenaline rush of winning and began spending more and more time with the other fighters in his camp. Revelry was common after a successful job guarding or protecting where they were hired too, though as a boy he was not allowed to come along on jobs, only train at home until he was old enough. He wasn't barred from any celebrations however, and there were alot. Alcohol became commonplace, and other bits of escape began to call Aberamas name.

Eager to prove himself, Aberama shifted the goalposts and began to train with a different attitude. He became riskier, fighting explosively and using dirty tactics to seal the win early on. The male became known for his reactive style, though outside of the training ring he lost some of the savageness that stained each punch he threw. Alot more work was put into maintaining and building his physique and as he approached a year and a half old, he became a favourite to finally join the ranks of mercenaries at two years old.

Cocky and brash, Aberama believed in the security of the males that guarded the wagons and never believed them to be in danger. After the events that wiped out his family, he's become much more closed off and distant. He tends to bottle his emotions and can be quite dismissive of others in general.
  • Bonnie Gold x Aberama Gold ( Deceased. )

    1. Aberama Gold Jr.
    2. Esmerelda Gold. ( MIA )
    3. Manfri Gold. ( MIA )


    • Basic animal husbandry, can stitch a wound and keep it clean, but doesn't have knowledge of healing herbs and the like.
    • Does *not* know how to ride horses, but can look after them well enough. Capable of discerning an animals overall, general health by looking them over.
    • Can fish, set various types of traps, decent at hunting in lupus and secui, though this skill needs to be fine tuned and improved as he ages.
    • No weapon skills outside of small blades and basic sword training. Only in practice, never in actual combat.
    • Gifted in meelee fighting.
    • Has the strength to do hard physical labour, but prefers not too.
    • Has some education on tanning, and stitching/mending garments. Not skilled enough to do anything intricate, but can repair basic things like saddlebags and patch up rips in various other clothing.

One male highland oxen. 4 years old. Unique coloring, strawberry blonde with a more vivid root. He is a large and hefty animal, capable of pulling wagons and working in the bitter cold. Oddly luxurious fur for a working animal, Cletus' boasts long and silky strands that take effort to tend too in order to prevent matting or staining. He has a pink nose and gentle eyes, rimmed with long blonde eyelashes.

Cletus' personality would be described is curious, but slow to react. He is not a spirited animal, and is content to graze and hang out by Aberama when not being put to work. He does get along with other animals as he's a castrated bull, and is valued for his temperament.

He wears the smell of blood and death like a perfume.

Aberama was raised in a travelling group of nomads, which consisted of oxen pulled wagons covered with canvas. Over the years they began trading mercenary services as a way to keep everybody fed and the band prosperous, as the nature of how they travelled meant personal belongings were sparse. Most of the space in the wagons was set aside for trading goods and cooking materials.

The males of the group were equally split between animal care and those who did mercenary work, while the females and children did things like cooking, hunting and trading whenever they stopped near settlements. Aberamas father was the leader of their band, and his mother mated to him. He had come up with the trading protection services originally, and had immense pride in the promise Aberama had shown in his training this far.

As a gift on his second birthday, the boy was due his title and his father's most prized possession, a sword that had been passed down as an heirloom and weapon. It was the culture of the band that children remained unnamed until they turned 2, at which point their parents would bestow a name that held some significance to the youth. Aberama eagerly awaited his naming day. Unbeknownst to the band, thieves followed them for their perceived wealth and valuable belongings, and struck when the males were partying into the wee hours of the morning.

Everybody was slaughtered while Aberama slept in the wagon, spared only because the males put up more of a fight than expected and his wagon wasn't checked thoroughly before he woke up and tried to make his escape. Immediately the boy was captured but made a run for it before being shot through the shoulder with an arrow, leading to a frenzied fight with the assailant that ended with a blade plunged into his enemy's eye socket and his throat torn to shreds.

Aberama was left for dead after being struck with a bat to the head and beaten soundly. It's possible the assailants figured he was dead or would die soon, or had been scared off for some other reason. He managed to salvage his father's sword from the only wagon left intact, though it had a broken wheel and couldn't be hauled away. After making his final escape, Aberama stumbled into the forest looking for some semblance of safety, lost and very much alone.
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