Ness Hayes

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14th February 2020
Nestle ‘Ness’ Hayes is clearly a mongrel, though there is evidence that her most prominent mix is some sort of Shepherd. She is cloaked in short golden toned fur that feathers at her elbows but otherwise cuts close to her figure. Her face is a deeper shade of black-brown which fades away somewhere between her green eyes. A starry splotch of white dots the space between her breasts and the very tip of her curling tail. She has dog ears that crook slightly forward, though on occasion when startled her right ear stands straight. Ness has an athletic build but is on the small side for a Luperci, but what she lacks in strength she makes up for in speed.

Ness cuts a suave figure and wears clothing both for style and utility. Her most common look is a collared tunic with a dark necktie and a pair of trousers that hitch just below her knees. Her hair is a deep, chocolatey brown, and is cut into a wavy bob with bangs that sometimes fall into her eyes. Each one of her ears is dotted with studs and hoops, and around her neck is a pretty locket that was gifted to her by her mother.
Often described as a firecracker, Ness Hayes loves to curse. Despite her proclivity towards what some would call the mundane (collecting broken china is not a skill), Ness is known as being a bright spot in a room, with a big presence despite her small size. She is an excellent mimic and finds it easy enough to slip between cracks in a conversation or to imitate one of the many accents that litter the streets of Portland. She can be scrappy in a fight and will ignore rules in order to emerge somewhat victorious. Ness is not beyond cheating to get herself out of an awkward situation.

Ness hasn’t cried since she was a child. Feelings often prove complicated to process, so she is most comfortable shielding herself with flashing teeth and a mostly happy go-lucky exterior. Since being indebted to Cipher this has dimmed ever so slightly, but she is determined to move on with her life and leave Portland behind her. Sentimental in the wrong moments, Ness can be a complicated woman to know.

Despite her gregarious nature, Ness can fall prey to bouts of insomnia mixed with anxiety – remnants of a history that began in her childhood home.
Brother - Reese Hayes (unknown where abouts)
Hershel 'Hersh' Denbow (cNPC) - A thick mastiff mix guard who followed her from Portland.
Chocolate Palomino Stallion - Wick (NPC)
Ness is a wild child who began her life in a small town with her family. She was the sort of daughter who was hellbent on living life on her own terms, and so spent much of her youth disobeying orders and disappearing to explore.

This all ended when her brother, Reese, suddenly went missing.

He had always tried to emulate her, to try to possess some of her fire. Her parents never saw her the same way after that and slowly they began to drift apart. Ness abandoned them in favor of a larger city – thieving where she could in order to fund her travels. She never stayed for long, and became somewhat adept at coming up with stories on the fly.

She shrouded her past in mystery, but always held out hope that she would find a clue as to where her brother disappeared to.

One day she broke a pact with a Nobleman and he sent a bounty hunter after her – Herschel Denbow pursued her all the way to Portland where she hid amongst a gang of miscreants for protection.

A series of events forced her to flee, and now she and Herschel are in Nova Scotia.
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