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Las Brasas
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Date of Birth:
11th July 2020

Size Reference
Optime: --- lbs (-- kg) — 5 ft 3 in (-- in) (--- cm)
Secui: -- lbs (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)
Lupus: -- lbs (-- kg) — -- in (-- cm)

Cassidy Sinclaire is a high content coydog, and it shows. He is short in stature, and his coat is leaning much more towards his wild heritage, but his gaunt, pointed features are not as fox-like or tapered as something more pure-blooded, and his ears are subtly smaller than one would expect of a coyote’s broad, tall radar dishes. His humanization is relatively high – if only for his own comfort and to align best with his gender expression.

His coat is, all things considered, an even blend between the polar opposites of both parents – he’s inherited muted coppers and reds, alongside the dull, warm blacks of his mother’s own pelt which contrasts sharply with the pallid cream and sandy hues of his father. His eyes are somewhat deep set, and appear even more so thanks to the dark markings around them, framed in the comparatively pallid hues of red, tawny, and cream, making him look perpetually sleepless or irritable.

He is muscled and lean thanks to his penchant for fighting, running, and general athleticism, and makes great strides to visibly discard his birth gender entirely from disguising his scent to adopting more dominant or unflappable mannerisms. His pointed knuckles are almost perpetually bandaged, or scraped.

Speech: Brash, abrupt, and sardonic - his voice has a scratchy quality. He tends to force his voice to be lower in attempts to impress others around him, and can come across as cocky.

There is more of Raven and Ash within Cassidy than he would ever care to admit. He is brash, impulsive, and needlessly defensive, constantly teetering a line of passive and aggressive that seems to swing just as rapidly as his own perception severity; Either he acts utterly immature, unable to take anything seriously at all, or he is the opposite – all scowls, all pursed lips and irritation.

His stalwart desire to be independent and self sufficient puts him, quite often, at odds with his wants to be close to others and dogged attempts to seek approval from his peers and, perhaps more importantly, authoritative figures.

As such, he makes himself awkward and somewhat scarce, wallflowering more often than not and hovering on the cusp of sociability only to throw up walls the moment he feels threatened.

Thanks to this, Cassidy, quite frequently, will self-sabotage his own efforts to protect himself from the sting of rejection. When upset, he gets loud.

Deny as he might, he’s an intensely jealous and insecure individual who holds his pride in high regard, and, while privately self-reflective on his true nature, he often wields his braggadocios mannerisms in self defense – and, whomever doesn’t get pushed away by his dreadful mask, garners his unshakable loyalty.




Immediate Family
Family: Sinclaire, Del Mar
Mother: Raven Sinclaire
Father: Ash Del Mar
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Extended Family
Grandparents: Carlo Del Mar, Arabelline Gray, Gideon Sinclaire, Cheyenne Sinclaire
Aunts & Uncles: Rembrandt Sinclaire, Mannuelle Del Mar, Thelma Del Mar, Andrez Del Mar

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Beauford, b. Mixed breed Ox, April 2016 A large ox, with a mellow and caring temperament. Beauford is a gentle soul, in sharp contrast to his fiery owner, and vastly enjoys Luperci company and getting brushes and treats. He's a little bit of a glutton, and enjoys resting his broad head into laps to drift off to sleep. The bovine is evidently quite attached to the young Sinclaire, who, whilst standoffish and crude, often exhibits a blatant soft-spot when interacting with him, subjecting his bovine friend to plenty of ear-rubs, belly scratches, and shoulder pats.

Beauford is not only pull trained, but rider trained - for the patient hearted, of course. He moves at a dawdling and unhurried pace.

Cassidy Sinclaire is the errant, bastard son between the infamous Ash Del Mar and Del Ceneren mother Raven Sinclaire.

He came into the world, not with fanfare, but with silence – The trade venture between Del Cenere and the Del Mar had turned south and lead to rising tensions throughout the Ganglands, and, with an absentee father and otherwise preoccupied mother, he fumbled throughout his early adolescence with identity issues. This relationship only grew more strenuous with time, with Ash branded as a traitor and the young Cassidy perpetually butting heads with his reluctant mother, until it hit a boiling point between the two. Hurtful words and hard feelings exchanged, Cassidy was left invalidated and frustrated.

He relied more heavily on Rembrandt and the validation he provided – and, while somewhat archaic, the man openly accepted his nephew regardless and helped to provide a stabilizing force throughout his youth. When the family relocated to Palisade, young Cassidy took to the Courtright family’s teachings and doggedly pursued learning to wield a whip and how to fight with his fists, albeit only to a precursory knowledge – not that he knows this, or so much as acknowledges the shortcomings through the lens of his youthful arrogance. Desperate to chase his burgeoning independence, his path collided with the mysterious Joaquin Rose-Morales, and the duo began their travels back to the territories of the Del Cenere Gang.

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