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Bernadette has plush and double-coated fur in a pretty mix of grays, light brown, and white, as is typical of Northeastern coyotes. Her tapered, narrow facial features cast no doubt on her full-blooded coyote heritage, and neither does her diminutive and unassuming stature. Her somewhat curvy figure is accented with lean muscle, as well as weight around her midsection that suggest she keeps herself especially well-fed.

Her almond shaped, expressive, and pallid purple-pink eyes are accented with heavy, pale lashes that she prefers to look through rather than under. Upon arriving in Del Cenere and discovering the practice of ash markings, she's taken to ringing them with dark wood ash.

Bernadette's hair is long, dirty blonde, and somewhat wild - it forms loose ringlets in every which direction and is most commonly tamed by pulling it up into a bun or two. There is a single, short strand of hair in her bangs that she's constantly fussing with, which she blames her brother Colter for cutting — in truth, he'd simply dared her to do it, and she'd taken the shears to her hair herself.

She spends her time almost exclusively in her two-legged form, and enjoys to be well-dressed for every occasion. As a woman with an ample bust, Bernadette has the luxury of owning a well-loved, front-lacing corset that supports her chest and back. The simple, white undergarment is corded to hold its shape and has wide, comfortable shoulder straps.

Bernadette has two dresses: a loose, sleeveless sundress made of cornflower blue linen (usually worn as a nightgown, or as light work clothes on wash days) and a yellow-green, prairie-style dress with short, poofy sleeves stuffed with wool. Both of Bernie’s dresses have hidden slits in the sides so that she can reach her belt pockets and knives easily, as well as stuff her hands in when they get cold. She also has a white, long-sleeved work blouse with antler buttons and a simple, red-brown skirt that falls just below her knees.

Her accessories include: a wide-brimmed, straw hat adorned with a leather cord bow and pheasant tail feathers; a painted, wooden bead necklace with a stone arrowhead pendant; and an iron hair stick that doubles as a hat pin and impromptu weapon. She also has multiple colorfully-patterned aprons that she wears while working, with a preference for floral prints.
She holds a deep respect for her grandmother Merideth and the family name, and she hopes that the Braithwaites return fully to their former glory in Palisade one day.

Despite her young age and meager experience, she considers herself quite the gentlewoman thief, and takes great pleasure in relieving loners of their possessions. This includes Mouse, also known as Big Handsome — an affectionate, but underappreciated draft horse that she stole from a tall, dark man in the wilds north of Portland. Bernadette has never gotten herself into trouble that she hasn’t been able to get herself out of, but she’s not stupid enough to believe her crimes can’t catch up with her.

And at the end of the day, knives make most complicated problems very, very simple.

Bernadette is a competent archer for her age, and she takes exceptionally good care of her red oak short bow, her family name carved into the riser. A gift from her grandmother, it’s one of the few weapons Bernie has that she came across honestly. Most of her knives were stolen from unsuspecting travelers, including her most intricate; the expertly-carved bone knife was a token of affection from a hound dog suitor, the man having won it by cheating in a game of cards.

Bernadette believes in the one, true God, who her amateur sketching often depicts as a strong, paternal bowman who inspires equal parts fear and admiration. She’s a devout young woman who doesn’t see much use in nonmonagomous or homosexual relationships, but many useless things are worth coveting all the same. After all, it’s more fun to steal things she wants than things she needs.

That is to say, to each their own; it’s not like two men or two women kissing in her vicinity is going to send her to Hell. As a result, though she comes about it from a roundabout way, Bernie is more accepting of non-traditional relationships than many in her family. And if her stomach flip-flops funny when some cowgirls take her by the hand, surely God will forgive her by judgement day.

Bernadette believes that strong men and strong women are made for each other, and love is better and longer lasting when crafted by diligent, forward-thinking hands; she’s more likely to choose a husband for his status and what they can create together than the ease with which she falls for him. She finds muscular, well-fed men extremely attractive, and if a man’s hands aren’t at least as rough as hers, she isn’t interested.

This does not, in any way, shape, or form, apply to wolf-dominant hybrids. They smell like the woods!
She's a strong-willed Braithwaite lady!
Mouse, a large, gray-gold dun draft horse with a brand in the shape of an alchemical crucible on his right shoulder.
~ WIP ~

Born to the illustrious and enterprising Braithwaite family in Palisade, Maine, Bernadette wanted for little as a girl. She was rarely found far from her grandma’s side, trailing after the strong, graceful woman like she made the sun spin around the earth, and thus grew to fear and admire her in equal parts. Perhaps this was what led to glowing comparisons to her older sister Peony, resulting in the Braithwaite heiress being put on a pedestal in Bernadette’s mind. Despite the woman leaving Palisade when she was very young, Bernie grew up idolizing her and demanding to have her sister’s letters read to her over and over again as if they were bedtime stories; when Momma and Poppa finally grew tired of this, the young girl learned to read every gently curled word of Peony’s handwriting herself.

As tensions flared in secret between the Braithwaites and Del Mars due to a gang of coyotes to the northeast, Bernadette had no choice but to become especially good at sneaking around. Her introduction to how terrifying Meredith could truly be was when word of the Del Mars’ demise reached Palisade, and Bernie got caught listening in on a meeting that her ears were much too little for. The shock of her grandmother’s ire devastated the young teenager, simultaneously forcing her to confront her own wants and desires and reinforcing her drive to live up to the matriarch’s sky-high expectations.

This split was widened further when Peony’s letters slowed, becoming less and less detailed as time went on, before only the occasional piece of parchment addressed to Bernadette or one of her littermates arrived at their doorstep. By this time, Bernie had blossomed into a beautiful young woman who was as quick with her bow as she was her fingers, having fallen in line with a gang of harmless, yearling thieves whose families called Palisade home.


Bernadette has headed north in search of greener, wilder pastures than what Palisade can afford her, as well as meet her older sisters and reunite with her brother Bennett.
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