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Joaquin's appearance is true to both his coyote and jackal heritage. His ears are large and broad, standing upright and pointed. His fur is shaggy without feathering, and short along his limbs. His face is accented with large eyes and tapers down into a slender muzzle.

Joaquin's hair is often unkempt and trimmed to keep out of the way.

In his lupus form, Joaquin is leggy and slender, though smaller than his peers thanks to his jackal genes. He fills out more in both his secui and optime form with an athletic build. His posture is held correctly despite his humble demeanor, looking confident in pose even when uneased. When travelling long distances without possession, Joaquin prefers his swift and agile lupus form. When hunting, he may opt for secui, but will otherwise stay in optime around others.

While Joaquin is fairly humanized, wearing clothing when in optime form and smoking, he is still quite comfortable with his more feral form, hunting only in secui form and opting for travel on four legs as well. Even in optime form, he considers claws and teeth his best weapon.

His large ears are pierced, bearing both a wooden gauge and stud in both appendages.

He bears a symbol on his back representing the monster his home town feared most, a visible marker to others that he is considered an Ofrenda (or offering) of ToC.
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honest superstitious untrusting stoic vengeful obsessive
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Joaquin has a tendency to speak softly, hardly ever raising his voice. His walking pace is usually quick.

His posture is upright and proper, but he often moves his hands a lot when talking.

He has a pessimistic outlook on life, eliciting a more introverted personality. Despite this, however, he prefers to take control of conversations and situations when dragged into them, needing to be in control due to his untrusting nature.

Joaquin is apprehensive when it comes to forming relationships with others; due to his past in which he felt his family and entire home town betrayed him in a moment of vulnerability following the death of his brother, he cannot easily put his life in the hands of companions.

He left Truth or Consequences feeling confused, abandoned, paranoid, and angry. He felt what he'd done was for the best of not only his small inner circle, but the town as a whole. Something that had been a tribute of courage for his gods had been turned on him, causing him to be banished from the only home that he knew.

Because of this, he quickly resorts to violence as a solution, fearing that if he does not defend himself, he may end up hurt again. Joaquin may not immediately harm another in a heated situation, but he will become aggressive in verbiage and body language. Beyond that, he will not hesitate to jab or snap his teeth toward another.

Typically he is a loner who minds his own and prefers seclusion. Casual conversations are met politely and he is not completely opposed to company, but may feel overwhelmed in a location with a higher population and would rather move to a more quiet place.

If wronged, Joaquin will act out fiercely.
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Mother: Lila Rose
Father: Cesar Garcia Morales
Siblings: Mateo Morales and Ava Garcia-Rose

Birthplace: Truth or Consequences

Parca: A loyal male turkey vulture obtained during his travels upward from ToC.
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Chapter 1: Dearly Departed
Joaquin was born in early spring to loving parents Cesar Garcia Morales and immigrant mother Lila Rose. Born alongside him where his siblings Ava Rose and Mateo Morales, and the small family lived comfortably in their Truth or Consequences home. He grew up deep in ToC culture, developing quickly into a superstitious individual who both feared and admired his council of Gods. While his mother was distanced some from the more supernatural aspects of life in Toc, the Rose/Garcia-Morales household were active in prayers, offerings, and rituals.

Growing up, Joaquin was an apprehensive but curious pup. He followed his more adventurous brother closely, though was careful enough to stray from trouble on most occasions. Joaquin was often considered a little strange to others around town, coming off as emotionally distant to others due to his stoicism. Those who were close to the boy, however, would describe him as loving and perhaps even overly considerate of others.

By the middle of fall, all three siblings had finally experienced their first shift, leading toward a shared Mayoridad celebration. As the sun sank below the horizon, the festivities started, with loud music booming throughout the town to celebrate the Rose/Garcia-Morales' coming of age. However, late into the ceremony, Joaquin stumbled upon a distanced Mateo who claimed to have been getting some air away from the cacophonous party. Joaquin decided to join his brother, despite finding it uncharacteristic of the typically more social sibling to be hiding away from a celebration where he was the centre of attention. While engaged in small conversation, Joaquin glanced over and witness a sight that struck fear into his rapidly beating heart; Mateo had turned to him with a gaunt looking face and eyes of pitch black. Fearing the worst, and assuming his real brother had been taken by the dreaded La Devoradora de Cachorros, Joaquin did the only thing he felt was necessary in the situation; he killed the monster disguised as his brother.

Early the next morning after the Mayoridad, a shaking and sobbing Joaquin was found covered in blood that was not his and standing over the corpse of his brother. Having torn out his sibling's throat, Joaquin was immediately found guilty for the murder of Mateo Morales, without proof what he'd witnessed just hours before. ToC leader Emiliano Suarez sentenced the young Rose-Morales boy to banishment, but not without first branding him as an ofrenda to La Hambrienta and their ruthless Gods. Demanding that stunned Cesar and heartbroken Lila hold their son still by each arm, Emiliano branded the symbol representing their outcasts in between Joaquin's shoulder blades, making shifting into his lupus or secui form impossible without tremendous pain and disfigurement.

In optime form, unable yet to even clean himself of his brothers blood that stained his maw, Joaquin was chased out of town by his family and peers. Later in the dead of night, he returned to the location of his brother's slaughter, meeting his sister Ava there unexpectedly. Despite the reprimands of assisting a banished Teersian, Ava reassured her brother that she believed him, as she had noticed the change in Mateo's behavior as well, and also claimed to have seen his eyes shift to black. She then promised to fetch Joaquin's belongings for him, gathering what clothes he could take along, a guitar that he had been gifted at their Mayoridad, and some dried meats for his journey. Understanding that he could be tortured and/or killed if seen within ToC, Joaquin thanked his sister, pleading with her to claim that she took his belonging to the shrine for their Gods so she would not be caught helping him. Before the sun rose, he was far from town and destined for someplace unknown.

Chapter 2: The Ghost Is Me
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