Eulalie Savoy

New Caledonia
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30th July 2018

Optime Weight & Height
215 lbs (97.5 kg) ↔ 6ft 6in (78 in) (198 cm)
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Eulalie is a darker version of her mother, taking after her biological father more than the Savoy-Sadira side of the family. The darker browns of her coat interplay with the lighter tans, but the light is far outweighed by the dark tones. This lighter color is evident mostly in her tail, hind feet, and front left digits. Her front right paw is the same color as the saddle that covers her entire back, shoulders, and thighs. This color is also present in her face, making her out-of-place green eyes brighter.

She typically stays in her Optime form unless hunting. Growing up in the Court under her mother's reign, Eulalie has an interest in elegant clothing that utilize bold statement pieces to contrast with simple – but well made – pieces. She prefers darker colors in general, such as blacks, greys, and earthy greens, since she believes brighter clothes stand out too much against her coloration.

Unlike her mother, she prefers to limit her jewelry and often keeps her hair up out of her face. In the day-to-day, she tends toward simple garments such as basic shirts and trousers or skirts. Eulalie also tends to cover her back most of the time to hide the scars La Marea left on her.

She considers herself to be generally unremarkable and it shows in her attire and demeaner most of the time.
Eulalie made strides to become less remarkable and less noteworthy after her experience as a hostage by La Marea. She gleaned that standing out and making a show of herself would only lead to more misery for herself and others, much like her mother's success led to the suffering they all experienced.

Despite everything, Eulalie has a high drive to perform well. She excels in getting the job done right the first time while being very wary of tasks she cannot accomplish well. While not avoidant of them, she ends up often overpreparing to do them and the wasted time frustrates her.

She has a strong love for her siblings -- full and half alike -- and is particularly devoted to them. She's also extremely fond of Amal, whom she often goes out of her way to help.

Simmering Resentment
Beneath everything, however, Eulalie has a lurking sludge pool of emotions complicated by the roles in life she has accepted. She harbors a conflicted feeling toward her mother: a mixture of daughterly love and bitter anger with more than a sprinkling of resentment throughout.

While she chose to be in the position she found herself, it is becoming harder and harder for her to restrain herself and her feelings toward her mother and stepfather. She is less and less meek and quiet, especially more capable of lashing out at these parental figures.

Her age and lack of any sort of "life progress" has left her sharply resentful, especially at herself, but the inability to simply do whatever leaves her in a murky moral quandary that she struggles to come to terms with in a mature way.
Mother: Kalypso Savoy
Father: Chaska the Burned
Stepfather: Toraberā Tanaka
Siblings: Athalie Savoy, Isadore Savoy
Halfsiblings: Hageshi Tanaka, Leandra Savoy, Valkyrie Savoy, Yuki Tanaka, Hokori Tanaka, Dorian Savoy
The daughter of a Queen, Eulalie was born in Cour des Miracles with two siblings. As the eldest, she was raised with the expectations typically burdened upon firstborn offspring that put a great weight on her shoulders from a young age. Simultaneously, the general peace during the majority of her youth meant that she enjoyed an easy life. With so many relatives, she was not want for family or companionship from the moment she was born.

When La Marea came to exact their deluded revenge against her mother, Eulalie and Athalie suffered the most at their hands. They were kidnapped during the conflict and used as bargaining chips in La Marea's attempt to make their mother suffer. Eulalie was tortured before Kalypso, cut several times along her back. The wounds were half-heartedly treated; while they were never infected, they left visible marks.

After the conflict ended and the Court disbanded, Eulalie began to lose the glossy picture of her mother, though it would take a good while before it completely cleared. In the aftermath of the ordeal, Eulalie attempted to learn swordsmanship, but found herself to be ill suited for it -- or ill suited as a student of her own mother.

Eulalie followed her mother, aunt, and siblings to New Caledonia when the Petite Cour disbanded as well. She fell into a more domestic role with her family, subsequently becoming more of a housekeeper at times. She even helped deliver her halfsiblings by a man she had briefly had a minor crush on.

As she settled into a role alongside Amal -- her stepfather's ward -- Eulalie never quite stood out or broke away from her mother. However, she slowly started to push back against everything she had voluntarily accepted, demonstrating that she was no longer content with her lot in life despite her deep love for her halfsiblings.
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