Date of Birth:
1st June 2020
Valkyrie is a muted grey coloration, decorated with tan and chocolate splotches, Valkyrie is quite short being from both the large parents, and compensates with a fiery attitude oftentimes displayed with a domineering aura.

Vals face is a Steele grey, with tan towards the narrow muzzle, followed up with sharp, pale blue eyes. Her hair is a mixture of strawberry blonde, and pale highlights, only being able to be seen in the sunlight.

Val is fond of her optime form, standing at five feet nine inches, weighing in at one hundred and sixty-five pounds, and is quite the firecracker, in both personality and the way she presents herself.

The Savoy woman often is wearing clothing, whether its a beautiful and fancy dress, or a pair of pants with a fancy cloak, the Savoy womans fashion is taken after many of the Old Clans fashion senses, and given in with her own little spin. The Savoy woman has a means to present herself as the daughter of a High Lord and High Lady and will often act snobby, without realizing it. Nose in the air, standing tall, and pretending her fashion sense is in, Vals appearance on the outside matches the true high maintenance on the inside, as well.
Valkyrie seems like a somewhat warrior type character, who is also very thorough on things she does, inside the pack, and outside.

Valkyrie is generally talkative and likes experimenting with new things, her maturity level tends to be very pup-like, and her curiosity sometimes is not in her best interest.

She tends to be sly, and sarcastic just as her mother, oftentimes responding to her mother with a quick-witted reaction that usually gets her into trouble. This quick-witted-ness as well as sarcastic ability can be applied to everyday activities, Val is never serious, and when she is, its hard to tell.

Valkyrie tends to stick to herself, finding the joys in walking around during the day and collecting odds and ends. Some might say she has kleptomania, but for her, its a nervous habit. Anytime she gets nervous or anxious she is likely to pick-pocket someone or take an object.

Valkyrie will eventually grow up and into a more defined woman, who will value family and herself above all things else. Likely, not seeking any type of romantic relationship until late into her years, extremely extroverted and only child-like with those shes closest to. Though, her Kleptomania will get the better of her, and having to control her bad-habit will likely prove difficult.

Valkyrie suffers from insomnia, finding it sometimes hard to sleep, or when she does sleep, hard to stay asleep. Due to this, Valkyrie experiments with various things, inventing new things during her episodes of Insomnia.
Valkyrie grew up with her six siblings, and oftentimes was found staying to herself or spending time with her brother Yuki, as he was awake all times of the night, and sleeping most of the day. When he slept during the day, she occupied her time with Dorian and Hoko, spending more time with them than the other bastardized children their parents spawned.

From a young age she learned how to speak fluent English, and only some French, to where she understands mostly only curse words as well as simple commands. From her father she learned a muddle of Spanish-Italian, and can as simple questions, but when someone tries speaking to her in this language it is a simple smile and wave and get the heck out of there.

Val is a Novice at rope-making, and at fishing, having taken up doing so during night, makes things more interesting for herself.

Their family learned reading, writing, basic math, as well as general valuation of goods, making her quite good at knowing what would be of value to take, and what would not.

Watching the relationship between her parents has provided Valkyrie with an insight that she is not looking for anything romantic, and will not be for some time, focusing on her new trick of kleptomania, since she was able to shift, and even before that. Very frequently she was found terrorizing the whiny child, Dorian, making his life a living hell, and finding pleasures whenever her sisters actually stuck up for her.

Kalypso and her were somewhat closer in her youth, and as she turned a year old, found herself drawn to the moonlight as well as darkness inside her. Veering from her mothers antics, and finding herself completely annoyed at both her parents, the young woman finds solace in being alone, or spending time with her night-owl siblings, Hoko or Yuki.

All in all, not much has happened in terms of traumatic or rather interesting things and Valkyrie is a force to be reckoned with.
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