Trelawney Courtright

Del Cenere Gang
Las Antorchas (NPC)
Luperci Arquero I, Camisero I, Secretario I Apprentice Take flight
50% Plains Coyote, 50% Dog
Date of Birth:
20th February 2018
Trelawney’s coat is plush instead of coarse like a purebred coyote, and has mild waves to it with a double layer. Patches of grey don the upper half of his body, the rest a light grey white color, while his eyes gleam an golden tussock. His body is dainty and lean, while also masculine and sharp with a shortened tail. Trelawney enjoys wearing refined clothing such as waistcoats, vests, cravats and the nicest pants he can get his hands on. He also carries a cane with him, despite not needing it to aid with walking, seems to be a fashion thing. He always makes sure that his outfits are tidy and wrinkle free, while his shoulder length hair is always styled in a manner that is pleasing to others view while also being out of his way. Other’s opinions are based on what they see after all, and he wants their view of him to be the best. Trelawney stands at ease, and tends to move his hands around when he talks. His voice is confident, though it can rise in pitch when he is nervous. He highly prefers his optime form, rarely if ever using his other two, which he coincidentally feels are beneath him anyway.
Trelawney is polite, vain, unambitious and utterly lacks a semblance of work ethic. He focuses a lot on his appearance, on the way his clothing looks, as well as his hair. Not even one spot of dust or a single wrinkle should be spotted on him, or others might think differently about him, and that just wouldn’t do at all. Trelawney not only puts high standards on himself, but others as well, and attempts to avoid interaction with those who he views as uncivilized. He speaks to others with a smooth tone and is confident enough that he can get others to do all the work while he himself avoids getting dirty-both literally and figuratively. He is not a canine of direct action, instead thinking things through before finding someone else to put his plans into effect. For he does have a sharp enough mind to form decent decisions and decide on actions. Despite his charm and polite way of speaking, he doesn’t have many close ties outside of family, finding it hard to relate to others even with wanting to be the center of attention. He tends to unwittingly push others away, either consciously or unconsciously based upon his personal tastes, preemptive conclusions, or underlying bias.
Hosea Courtright [Brother]
Amos Courtright [Brother]
Within Palisade, the Courtright line has garnered notoriety for their tenacity, valor, and combat prowess. Trelawney, however, has not. Born last in his litter to father and patriarch, Josiah Courtright, Trelawney has always fallen just a bit short of expectation. Of all his teachings, which did involve that of using a bow, and how to notice and face danger, being a gentleman is what stuck with him the most. It was what he decided to focus on, relying on his charm and tact instead of his strength and skills with the bow. He has gotten himself into as much trouble as he has gotten himself out of it. While traveling to Del Cenere Gang, he was meant to watch over Merari Tears, but failed to do so, rather leaving the task to her violent pig. Since arriving to the pack he hasn’t done very much, trusting in his charm to gain anything that he may want or need. He spends his time shopping, walking around Charmington in search of things to do that don't involve work. When he isn't outside he spends time talking to the innkeeper and enjoying the fact that he has at least one person's attention.
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