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The Warden
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21st November 2019
At first glance, Mogis appears to be an unassuming and respectable young man. Both well put together and cut from a fairly fine cloth.

Hiding behind a mask of geniality, his expression is one of inviting warmth.

He distinctly favors his jackal father with sharp, angular facial features. Yet, his mother's golden eyes conjure images of flowing wealth and opulence. His shoulder length brown hair is well combed and parted neatly down the middle, curling out slightly at the ends. There is a charisma to his gaze, a silent command of self-assuredness. Akin to a peacock, Mogis is the type of man to selfishly siphon the attention in a room to himself.

Despite this, however, Mogis stands at a mere five feet seven inches in his optime form -- easily dwarfed by most other luperci. His height, or rather, any assertion that his smaller stature makes him less capable than others, is a stinging source of insecurity.

He generally favors his optime form, believing all others to be disgustingly primitive and beneath him.

His thin, tawny fur is not particularly suited for the rugged Canadian climate. With this in mind, Mogis is often dressed in practical, non-obstructive wool-woven clothing in order to retain as much heat as possible.

There is a bumbling innocence to Mogis Meloy's charm -- however, he is anything but.

Best described as shrewd, Mogis is ultimately survival minded. Sentiment and loyalty, these are of course trappings of lesser men; tethers from which Mogis finds himself free from, though he'd never be willing to admit this to anyone but himself. Instead, he hides behind an amicable charade (akin to a stage persona) of an amenable, kind young man.

Mogis is an effective chameleon, building himself up to be whatever the situation requires. Having grown up in a traveling theater troupe, Mogis can change his persona with the same ease that one changes their pants. However, despite this knack for performance, Mogis is left with a fairly weak notion of self-identity.

When one wears many faces, it can be easy to forget which one is real -- or, if any were at all.

Because of this, Mogis is prone to fits of depression and self-destructive behavior, particularly when left alone and without distraction. Mogis finds himself better off lost in a crowd.

Mogis is also a bit of magpie. Talented as he is in sleight of hand, he'll often try to slip trinkets, bits, and bobs away from any unsuspecting rube before they realize his game.
Born to a traveling troupe of entertainers along with three other siblings, it can be said that Mogis Meloy (affectionately nicknamed Moggs) had a fairly atypical childhood, if ultimately uneventful.

Near immediately, Mogis and his other siblings were thrust into the family trade and incorporated into acts well before shifting age. When often overshadowed by his siblings in life off the stage, Mogis thoroughly enjoyed the spotlight and would revel in the opportunity to be noticed by others. He would invent stories in his head and indulge in fantasies of being a proper actor like his father before him.

After shifting for the first time, Mogis devoted himself to his craft. He learned to read and write as well as various stage tricks and illusions.

However, as time went on, the novelty of life on the stage wore thin. He grew disillusioned with preforming other men's stories, when his tricks, he felt, were better suited for the world at large. The nomadic lifestyle, while once fun and fresh, had also become something of an emotional drain -- leading to Mogis eventually pulling away in the Summer of 2021.

He left his familial troupe behind, much to the dismay of his family, to reinvent himself.

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