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Species: Electa is a mixture of wolf and dog, primarily retaining most of her wolf heritage within her overall appearance. Slightly smaller than the average wolf, her dog heritage is expressed through her height and the rounded curve of her ears. Her snout is slightly tapered but overall aligns with her mixed roots.
Fur: Her fur, thanks to her parentage, is dense and long but kept rather straight. It's lighter in the summer than in the winter but can cause some discomfort when she's not kept cool during the summer.
Optime Hair: She doesn't find a lot of time out of her schedule to keep up with her hair and generally, it's kept chopped, but medium length, and cut in a way that it's out of her face with either a push of her hand or a swipe behind her ears. She has long bangs that are generally kept brushed to the side with two longer 'tails' that part around her face.
Facial Features: Electa's facial structure is a cross between wolf and dog, though primarily resembles her wolf blood.
Build and Size: She can be described, like Armani, to be masculine yet feminine, her build not quite as large as a wolf but not as small as her malamute heritage. She still remains quite feminine, nonetheless.
Humanization: Moderate to very little. She likes the way clothes look on her, though wears them only for whatever use she can get out of them. If she picks up a job or co-rank that involves the need for protection of the arms, she'll wear something to protect her arms. If she fights with a weapon that requires protection of another body part, she'll wear leather armor. If she needs to go to an event, she'll dress up as any other might.
Clothing: Most of her clothing will consist of earthen colors, either light dresses or more masculine clothing like regular pants and lighter shirts, with or without sleeves. Most will be torn to some degree either out of fashion statement or through actual accident.
Accessories: Always one to adapt, she will likely not be one to accessorize very much either through the use of jewelry or even clothing. What's necessary is what works for her.
Electa is a rather serious, stoic individual who believes in the importance of work and dedication to their overall society but also in protecting one’s family, friends, and home. She is sort of an “attack-and ask-questions-later” individual when it comes to protecting those she loves. She works best in a job that is hands-on, either as a craftsman of some sort or as a builder. Co-rank wise, she would likely either be someone who works on creating things like armor, trinkets, weapons, or clothing. She probably takes to animals really well and enjoys their company. Those she considers friends would probably tell you that she is a hot head, despite the front she puts up. She probably finds small talk boring and prefers deeper conversation. She probably isn’t much of a socialite but can put up with the company of others just fine, as long as drama isn’t a factor.

She can be somewhat humorous once she gets to know someone else, utilizing bad joke telling and dry humor as a method to cope. She adores her family and can be seen as a family woman who puts priority in making sure they’re safe and are not having a rough go of life. If she ever loses someone, she might be seen as a coward because she would retreat into himself. She can be dense to some of the emotions around her which, in this scenario, would make her the wrong shoulder to cry on since she wouldn’t be able to wrap her head around the loss either and would consider her own pain first and a way to cope with it, focusing on work and her personal life instead.

She enjoys music, even bad music, though she is an off-key singer and probably couldn’t learn an instrument even if she tried. She would probably be seen as a protector sort by those of a younger age or even older age, depending on status of elder or not. Regardless, she would be quick witted and easily maneuverable in a tough situation.
Electa Hushhowl was born to Dawn Hushhowl and Armani Catori through the donor father, Altair, in an agreement that he would never have contact with his daughter and that she would be adopted, essentially, by Armani. She was the only pup born to her litter. The circumstances of her birth were relatively normal and there were no complications during or after. She spent her first two months in relative ease and as a puppy should, with her mothers. Her half-sibling, Nilda, was often found babysitting the young pup so that her parents could take breaks to feed and provide for the newborn child. During her first two weeks, there was very little to note within her growth or status except for the fact that she began opening her eyes. Eventually, hearing her parents and others speak around her brought her to the cornerstone of being able to make word sounds that inevitably became the semblance of several words.

Her parents began weaning her, a steady process that continued even up to the point where she turned two months. Even at her earliest stage, the short commands her parents gave were followed eagerly when she began to understand words. She didn't do much to break the status quo and rarely found herself in trouble, even when searching for her mothers or her sibling. Eventually, she learned to speak better common language, though she liked making up words and sounds that made no sense. Her eyes changed slowly but only did so a shade or two lighter than the initial blue they had been before. There was still no telling if her eyes would change anymore from what they had.

Even at a young age, she liked to stick near her parents and siblings. When away from either, she was prone to whining or crying and in search of them.
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