Alyonna Hushhowl

Second Officer

Casa di Cavalieri
Second Officer
Luperci Blacksmith Tier I
Discord Handle: MaytaFhang#5717
High Content Wolf Hybrid
Date of Birth:
29th June 2021
Pint size. One of the smallest Hushhowls to date due to being the runt of the litter and the recent effects of the poisoning that happened at the Feast. Because of these things, when Aly eventually shifts, her stunted growth will only reach four foot, ten inches and other luperci tower over her.

The downy pelt consists of deep mahoganies, blacks, greys and ivory, with distinctive Hushhowl vee's on her chest and back. Her dark face and front of ears blends into the mahogany on the back of the ears down her neck and along her back, until reaching the tail where the black returns. Ivory paints her low lying undercarriage, upper legs and vee on the chest. The back toes are ink dipped, as well as her front paws. The vee along the girl's back is blended with black and greys. A trademark of her father's family, white spots are visible on her dark front delicate paws.

Mismatched orbs of English Violet and Dyer's Wood blue are an exact replica of her father, Zetsubou, and are the mirrored image of her sister, Roza, eyes. When standing side by side with Roza, it sometimes appears as three pups instead of two at first glance as the blue eyes end up being next to each other.
From the time the pup left her mother's womb, she was a fighter. A little firecracker, a stick of dynamite ready to explode. Before Aly even opened, she was looking for a fight, and once her razor sharp teeth came in and the puppy blues appeared, she wiggled her way to wrestle with her brother and sisters.

With her "small dog complex" she will bite off more than she can chew, but she is stubborn and hardheaded and will keep going back for more. But she is also patient and will also sit in the shadows and watch, studying or waiting for the right opportunity to strike.

Aly is particularly close with her littermate Kazimir and great aunt Jacelyn Denahlii and can usually be found with one or the other. She admires Jacelyn and hopes to be just like her someday.

As she gets older, her alignment system will fall in the true neutral range and may appear harsh to those outside of her "cirlce". The young Hushhowl will have a few close friends and family that she allows in her tight-knit circle.

Never the center of attention, but rather sits in a corner and observes.

Aly will be almost obsessive in her need to learn every weapons strength and weakness and how to use them most effectively which will lead to a co-rank of blacksmith.

Because she is so small, she will be fast and because of her coloring she will easily blend with the shadows which will make her an excellent scout for the Cavaliers.

Though she is difficult to get to know, once you break through her wall, you will find a dependable friend who would put her life on the line to protect you.
Mother: Dusk Hushhowl
Father: Zetsubou
Siblings: Borya Hushhowl
Zasha Hushhowl
Lyubov Hushhowl
Kazi Hushhowl
Roza Hushhowl
Katja Hushhowl
Born the end of June to the matriarch Hushhowl, Dusk, and her mate Zetsubou, Alyonna comes from a strong family within Casa di Cavalieri. Born the runt of the litter among Kazimir, Roza and Katja, she never let it stop her from doing things the larger pups could do. Aly also has older siblings from previous litters: Borya, Zasha and Lyubov. Growing up in the Hushhowl dens outside of the fort, meant that she as surrounded by family and cousins to get in trouble with while growing.

Besides her mother and father, she most looks up to Jacelyn Denahlii, her great aunt and admires her. Any chance she gets, she spends time with Jacelyn and tries her best not to get in the way. Some of her favorite times are watching her aunt train with her special war hammer and because of their similarities and closeness, Aly even paid attention at the scholar's reading, writing and history lessons as she grows up.

One of the most profound events of puphood to date was the night of the celebratory feast, commemorating ten years as a pack. The night was filled laughter, but ended in horror when she and many of her family and packmates were poisoned. She still has nightmares of that night, and is quite angry about it as it will stunt her growth even more in the future and delay her shifting, or at least she blames it on that.
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