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19th February 2020
Luperci Ortus
Florene's pelt is double coated and plush which is typical of the northern coyote. Her guard hairs are slightly longer over her shoulder blades and in through her tail. Her coat is a notable pale agouti coloration in light greys and tans. Her eyes are a light silver blue, so light one may mistake them for ghost orbs, accented by her eyeliner, the color of sand dune that matches her nose and lips. Her eyes are almond shaped and very expressive with long eye lashes. Florene's face is narrow, tapered and feminine as a typical female coyote should be, which adds to her small frame. She has an athletic build and small chest, which is typical of the Braithwaite ladies. Keeping her hair in a ponytail almost at all times, on the occasion that it is down, her hair falls below her shoulder blades and is bone straight with no wave or body. Her tail is longer than most typical coyotes, and fluffier as well. She takes prides in her appearance and brushes her fur and hair regularly to keep it from getting matted and tangled. Florene enjoys bright and vibrant colors and one may find a flower behind her ear or stuffed in her ponytail as long as they are in bloom. During the winter when flowers are hard to find, she may use other means to add color to her outfits or hair.
One may never meet a sweater and kinder soul than Florene Braithwaite, which some might find odd for the Braithwaite woman. Angelic may be a term best used to describe this young adult. She believes there is good in everyone and has trouble seeing evil or bad qualities. Being incredibly naïve she will trust anyone and not believe that they will cause her or anyone else any harm. Often she can be found talking to animals, from the smallest insect to the largest mammal, and plants. Florene cherishes her family, even if they don't understand her, and holds friendships near and dear to her heart.

Due to her naïve and innocent nature, her brother Bennett, watches over and protects her from the cruel world. She doesn't understand why, but she enjoys his company just the same.

Florene's first language is english, but she is drawn to the spanish language and culture and wishes to learn it as a second language. Often times she can be found begging Peony for lessons and practicing as she ventures from place to place.

Being too trusting to a fault, it would be easy to lead the coyote astray and she would think nothing of it.

Because she is so innocent, naïve and trusting someone looking in may think her dumb but the opposite is true. Florene has wicked book smarts, just her common sense is lacking sometimes.
Parents: Felicity Bishop and Alric Braithwaite
Grandmother: Meredith Braithwaite
Siblings: Bennett, Colter, Bernadette, Peony, Belinda
Born in Palisade to Felicity Bishop and Alric Braithwaite in February of 2020 along side her siblings Bennett, Colter, and Bernadette. She also has full older siblings born three years earlier in 2017, two sisters, Peony and Belinda. Florene also has a niece, Daphne, born to Peony and Hosea Courtright.

Raised in Palisade and taught by the head of the family and her abuela, Meredith, she learned a great deal including how to read and write, preform mathematical equations, learn a business sense, and how to horseback ride to name a few things. She also learned a few key spanish phrases but is looking forward to learning more from Peony.

Now that she was 18 moons old, it was time for her to take everything she had learned in Palisade and venture to the Del Cenere Gang to learn more from her family there. Packing a few things from the only home she had ever known, she said farewell to her family and rode out towards a new life and new adventure.

It was quite a good trek from Palisade to Del Cenere, and she made several stops along the way. At one of the last stops before reaching her destination she stopped by a pub and inn. Being her friendly self, she tried to start a conversation with another coyote that worked there. The other woman looked pretty with her cream pelt and pale orange hair, and she had bright green eyes that almost glowed in the dark of the dim establishment. However, it seemed the opposite was true, the woman was quite rude and Florene ended up leaving instead of staying the night. But she would always remember those green eyes and the woman's name, Walmart.

On her trip she came across a lake, the reeds rustled and she heard a strange sound. Hoping down off of her equine she went to investigate. There she found a sole black duckling without a family who seemed to be cold and starving. Gently she scooped up the waterfowl, making sure to keep it warm and fed as she continued her way to Charmingtown.

Now that she has arrived in Del Cenere she is looking forward to new experiences with her faithful companions by her side.
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