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6th June 2020
Often found in her Secui form, Velour Valentine has done everything in her power to differentiate herself from her sister. With aspirations of becoming a Ranger, Velour is most content when exploring all that Salsola has to offer. As she is still young, there is time for her to hone her skills beyond hunting and tracking. After taking a ride on Salsolas new boat there is a subtle call to the sea which leaves room for consideration as she ages and improves her skills.

In general Velour is not the most talkative of women. When she does choose to engage, she can be blunt or sharp, although somehow still charming (as all Valentines tend to be). Her humor is often deadpan or at the expense of others, a cruel twist leftover from having to share a room with Taffetta. She thinks fashion is frivolous and lame, mostly because her sister loves it. After being kicked by a horse, Velour does not approve of mounts and is fearful/distrustful of horses.

At her core, Velour is a wilding and prefers to spend time on her own. She aspires to improve her standing in Salsola with little help from her parents, who are both tightly connected to the Crown.
Velours appearance leans towards being more wolfish, with a thick ruff of fur about her neck and slightly rounded ears. She has a wide muzzle with large teeth and her eyes are the same shade of gold as most of her family. Though her face can be expressive, more often than not it is the epitome of stoic; Velour is not one for wearing her emotions on her sleeve. Despite not having the same care as her sister for fashion, Velour maintains her hair and nails to assure that they are free from dirt. There is something about her that is almost cat like, both in how she moves and how she meticulously grooms herself.

Most of her pelt is a mixture of smoky hues, though it is evident when she stands in direct sunlight that there is an auburn sheen to her cheeks and the fur about her shoulders. Her throat and chin are made up of creamy white fur, and there is a dash of this same color on her sternum. She has a mass of wavy dark hair in her Optime form which she mostly wears twisted up into a bun to keep out of the way. In Secui she will have her mane braided or allow it to spew out around her shoulders loose.

Despite the high humanization of her pack and family, Velour is content to be either dressed or undressed and does not typically wear jewelry.
Mother: Morgana Revlis
Father: Brocade Valentine
Siblings: Taffetta Valentine, Tattersall Valentine, Intarsia Valentine
Half Siblings: Skadi Eklund*, Steinarr Niequist*, Sindri Eklund*
Extended: Revlis, Silevue, D'Angelo
Italics indicates an unknown relationship; they may be offboard or the relation is merely uncertain.
* indicates character does not know this person by name.
Taffetta Valentine (Sister) - cNPC
Stitch - Raccoon (NPC)
Velour Valentine was born to high ranking members of the Salsolan Kingdom, Brocade Valentine and Morgana Revlis. She and her littermates (Taffetta, Tattersall and Intarsia) were born during a peaceful stretch of history, though this proved shortlived. During an unfortunate incident their sister Intarsia Valentine died under the watch of their cousin, Symre Rask.

The family was forced to pick up the pieces and move on with their lives as their relative was declared Pentiti. They don’t talk about Symre now – not unless its far from where their parents can hear.

Despite her connections in the pack Velour tends to stick to herself – eager to prove her merit separately from her parents. Unlike her sister who is all too proud to proclaim herself a relative of nobility.

In the summer of 2021 Velour was kicked by a horse – this has left her with a strong dislike for the animals which most Salsolans look upon with great pride.

Around their first birthday Velour and Taffetta were forced to reveal a secret to their mother – that they had been trading for cigarettes with a lowly indentured servant. In the wake of this explosive argument things began to change for the Valentine family, setting into motion a chain of events that would see the children forced to find their own ways in the world.
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