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1st April 2018
Rat’s heritage is a generational string of one-night stands, as evidenced by his appearance. The name that can’t help but spring to mind when someone looks at Rat is ‘raggedy’. His coat is made up of several shades of grey, the dark two tones splashed sparingly around his pelt, like someone daubing a canvas, though most of the dark tones are on his back. His fur is thick and often appears tufty and unkempt, with his ears giving the impression of a dress down Friday.

His physique is best described as ‘wiry’, being slim, his pelt often giving the impression of more bulk than he truly has. Though he is incredibly strong, and many before have underestimated his ferocity and tenacity. Perhaps the most striking thing about Rat’s appearance though, are his eyes. They are arresting, a startling green which fades to gold at the edges, and flicker with a haunted intelligence.

Rat is not tall, though he is perfectly proportioned, not quite managing to stand at six foot in his optime form, though it’s often hard to tell his height as he crouches slightly, giving the impression he’s about to spring in a direction. Incongruously to his appearance, Rat’s balance is incredible, a combination of his strength and life aboard ships, has given him very good control of his movement, a feat he’s used to good effect in brawls and storms alike.

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Above all else, Rat is a survivor, even if that means crawling through a sea of pain and agony, he will cling to life. Why he does this is known rally only to him, though it’s possible it might just be a great big middle finger to those who neglected him so successfully.

Rat is often quiet, though he does occasionally murmur to himself, an affectation which has caused more than a few people to steer clear of him, thinking he’s crazy or unhinged, both unkind descriptors. Rat is an intelligent individual but plagued with the demons left to him by an upbringing that was in turn abusive or neglectful. Inside of him there is a deep well of anger, but also a desperate need to find connection and sense of belonging. Years of being seen as an easy target has meant Rat often strikes first, establishing that he’s not to be messed with, to try and make sure other Luperci think twice. That behaviour has also added to his reputation of being abnormal, but it is simply a defence mechanism. Rat is often very aware of the number of Luperci around him, never allowing himself to come down from high alert in their company. It’s a trait that often leads Rat to seek alone time, making him appear standoffish, an irony for someone who wishes to belong.
He has no family alive that he's aware of. The closest thing he has, and the person's whose surname he took was Pirate Calloway.
Rat was born on a ship, and it’s on a ship that he feels the most comfortable. His early years however, are ones that he tries to forget and has managed to do so to such an extent, that Rat has a great deal of trouble recalling anything more than the abstract sense of pain. He was part of an unwanted litter, more than that though, he was the runt of the unwanted litter. He has dreams of a warm and comforting form, but there is no face in his memory of that warmth, just a hummed song, a scent and a rough tongue. It’s not a great deal to cling to, but the memory is something precious to him. Rat learned by watching the interactions of his birth crew and he was frequently the brunt of the stress and frustration of them, which meant he clambered out of reach in rigging or stayed quiet. Despite this, Rat worked hard to excel and prove himself and his worth to those onboard, but as he got older, and realised this was impossible, he retreated into himself. He has a talent which almost seems a magical ability to navigate a ship safely through storms and reefs. It was a talent that none of his birth crew appreciated, but one Luperci did, Pirate Calloway.

When Rat became part of Pirate’s crew he found value, and while he still kept himself apart from many of them, and still suffered at the hands of a few of the crew, it was nowhere near the same sort from the original trip, and in this crew his skills were recognised. Rat was treated like part of the crew and has served with a feverish loyalty, and while the demons that haunt him are still clear in his eyes, Rat is not what he was.
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