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Kohl's parents weren't very creative and so they named her after the color of her coat. The majority of her fur is a charcoal grey, save for a white underbelly that starts just at her collarbone and two perfectly oval, tan "eyebrows". These markings can sometimes make her face appear contemplative or even angry, regardless of her actual feelings. Compared to the rest of her family she is rather short, only 5'5" and 160lbs in Optime, and is fairly doughy due to her previously lavish lifestyle. While her heritage is entirely made up of dogs, there is a wide variety of breeds in her ancestry and so it is difficult to choose one from the list that she favors the most.

Her eyes are large, one blue and one brown, and they are wide-set on a round face fringed in long, feathery hair harkening back to a collie-heavy bloodline. In Optime her mane reaches to the middle of her back and is black, thick and extremely curly. Normally it is restrained in some kind of intricate braid tied with a leather cord. Since she has only just been thrust into the wild open world, Kohl lacks muscle mass and possesses a softer, more roundly feminine frame than she might have if she was raised in the wilderness. In an homage to her hound bloodline, her ears are large and flat against her head, almost beagle-like in shape.

Having been raised in a very strict, conservative household, Kohl does not leave her Optime form and is never seen without a modest dress of some kind, normally one that she has sewn herself.
She is modest, trusting, kind and polite perhaps to a fault. Kohl will go to great lengths to avoid upsetting or crossing anyone, especially if they are her elder or a male. Having been raised in a rather patriarchal family, she tends to view men as almost godlike figures and often finds herself instinctively doing as she is told despite her better judgement. She was raised with the intent of making someone a perfect housewife and due to that largely indoors upbringing, she is less than adept at most things including hunting although she manages to eat by trading her wares for food. What she lacks in survival skills she makes up for in sewing, jewelry-making, cooking and child-rearing, having been the designated babysitter for her older sisters and aunts.

Kohl is deeply afraid of being alone and is more jumpy and nervous these days after having been thrust out of everything she has ever known. She tends to feel inadequate and stupid, looking to others to make decisions when she is paralyzed by the unknown.

She was raised in a deeply conservative family and has ingrained prejudices against coyotes despite knowing in her heart she doesn't truly feel that way, the habits so deeply formed by learned hatred are still there. Kohl also believes that drinking, drugs and sex outside of a mateship are unholy and unacceptable and is adamant against them even though there is an inkling of curiosity inside her.

Small notes:
-Kohl has a very soft voice with a heavy southern accent. She struggles to speak up at times, making it hard for others to hear her and most importantly, take her seriously.
-Her greatest desire is to be a mother and wife, unconditionally loved. She worries that her miscarriage will make it hard to conceive again one day although she tries not to think about it too much.
Jericho- Former lover (off-site)
Kohl was raised on what used to be an old human plantation, located in the southern region of the United States. Her family descended from the dogs that were once kept there for various tasks, whether it be for the purposes of herding, guarding or simply being a companion. Eventually all these lines interbred to create the Breaux family, though now none of them remember that their name came from the humans who once raised their ancestors.

The Breaux family was a secluded one, though still somewhat spread out over the hundreds of acres of farmland that they'd always called home, and each branch of the family kept their own caste and duties despite being very closely related. Inbreeding was strife within their ranks and it was even seen as a betrayal of the family if one was caught mingling outside the pack; sometimes this faux pa could even be punished by exile.

As soon as Kohl was born, she had been promised to her older half brother. Her direct family was as close to royalty as it got in the pack, her mother and father both being the unofficial leaders of the group, and so she was slated for an easy life indoors with little to worry about other than looking after the many children she was expected to have. Her half brother was a large, ill-tempered dog who preferred spending his days whittling crude shapes with a knife or working on the horse trading business he'd sprouted in recent years, and he never showed any kind of pleasure at his impending betrothal to young Kohl.

Duty had never been an issue for Kohl, and so she didn't have many objections to the marriage until one night just a few weeks before the big day she found herself taking a late night stroll around the property's edge, contemplating her future. Her movement was fairly unrestricted around the Breaux pack lands simply because there were so many of them that outsiders didn't tend to poke their noses around, but tonight she spotted movement a few meters over the official marker that delineated her property and the outside world.

Coyotes were hated by the Breaux family, although no one could quite remember why. This same prejudice had been ingrained in Kohl since she was a pup and so when she saw the tall, lean male peering at her from across the borders she did not entirely know why she didn't just raise the alarm and watch him be cut to ribbons at the hands of her brothers, uncles, father. Instead, she found herself speaking to the coyote and enjoying his company more than she could remember ever enjoying anyone's.

His name was Jericho and he was head and shoulders taller than her with large, batlike ears and golden eyes that never stopped searching the horizon for danger. Later, she would say that he was her first love. Their courtship lasted only a short while, until one morning her mother caught her sneaking back into the enormous, crumbling plantation house and snatched her by the arm, nose curling at the scent of the enemy that clung to Kohl's fur.

As it turns out, her mother could also detect the scent of pregnancy on her daughter. It was the highest betrayal the pack had ever seen, and only Kohl's status was able to save her from execution. Search parties were sent to find Jericho but he was never located; they had discussed this happening and if caught, agreed that they would both head North to try and find each other later.

They didn't have time to iron out the details of exactly where in the North they would meet, and so Kohl did her best to make the journey on her own, stopping at every settlement along the way to ask about her love but never finding him. The stress of the journey made her lose the pregnancy, the final blow in a devastating loss of both family and her love, and now she finds herself in a foreign land with no sense of up or down or what to do next.
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