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Second Officer
Luperci Guardsman Tier II, Scout Tier II Woven into shape Our embers burn away your treachery
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11th February 2021
Artoia is still young, so most of her forms are only half grown into at best. She prefers, of course, the Optime form, with its usefulness for hands, fingers, and thumbs.

Her coat in all three shapes remains largely the same, two colors separated into a classic german shepherd style of marking all the way down from her head and down her dorsal to the very tip of her tail. It does come down her sides, shoulders, and hips/thighs just slightly. The underside of her body is an almost pure white, no doubt inherited from her all-white father, whilst the red going down her head and spine is a shade very similar to the wine red tresses of her mother. Something else similar to her mother is Artoia's eyes, carbon copies of Guinevere's sharply pale ghost green orbs. She uses them only to her advantage, though she's still learning other looks aside from the 'puppy eyes'.

Artoia does not give stock to clothes much just yet, she prefers only her flesh and fur compared to any possible cloth or leather adornment.

If she styles anything, it would be her hair. She'll braid it in tiny little pieces to dangle just by her ear or the side of her face or weave beads into the braids to give an extra flair of color.
It would also be in character to witness her white fur tinted darker by dust or by mud, and sticks or twigs caught in her hair aren't an unusual sight either.

If someone doesn't love her, in whatever way she deems to present herself, then they aren't going to be worth the time of day for her, because they were only sticking around for her looks to begin with.
Aside from the fact that Artoia has two separate firecrackers working as her parents, this young pup has grown up so far to be sweet and kind.
Honrin is a just, compassionate father, and has never once raised his hand toward Artoia in anger. He's always used his words, or life examples, to make sure his lessons come across to her and she truly learns something. Her favorite by far was the story about the leather glove.
Her mother, Guinevere was much the same, answering any honest question with an honest answer, and bringing her up to be patient and kind towards others.

Artoia feels like she can go to them for anything, for any kind of question she might have had. She has a curiosity streak miles wide and loves figuring out things on her own, whether by observation or by asking people things. At least with her parents, they've never tried to hide something from her or sugarcoat things, she knows they will tell the truth always.

She soon will know another of her first losses, and what it is to be so sad and angry at the same time. Artoia contains the same indomitable spirit and snark that both her parents wield flawlessly. She will be a force of nature, razing down those that would bring harm to her hearth and home. Her words, like her mother's, will be used in defense of those who cannot.
Mother:: Guinevere Callow-Knight
Father:: Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
Siblings:: Nanouk Denahlii and Tristan Callow-Wolfe
Half-siblings:: Kjintora Denahleigh and Risa Rivera
Other Extended Family:: Anyone from the Wolfe-Denahlii clan, the Knight/Damaichu/Marino/Hushhowl family, or the Secanti/Ivanov family.
cNPC:: Erik Ivanov
Artoia is new and young to the world, born on February 11th, 2021 as a single child to Guinevere Callow-Knight and Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii. In the first few days of her birth, many different things happened that she wouldn't have recollection of, but were told in stories by the fireplace by either one of her parents. When she was just a couple days old, Guin was called away by the Leadership to take a scout group and look for the missing search party that had been looking for Guin's currently then missing apprentice, Nilda. The Sworn returned victorious, apprentice at her side in addition to bringing home Pushok and Armani. Artoia's mother is the greatest, and she firmly believes that Guin can take on most if not all of the other mother's in the entire Fort.

But largely, Artoia's life is simple and quiet. Simple tasks, simple joys. Easy, even. She has nothing to worry about, nothing to change for. She wants to be a Brotherhood member, eventually, but that time will come.

If anything has upturned Artoia's life, it would be the death of her two best friends' mother, Veri Secanti. Lucian and Caspian were both devastated by the loss. Lucian wouldn't let her near him, but Caspian she stuck to like a burr and followed everywhere. She would howl for Lucian occasionally, but he never answered her.

On the night of Veri's Ceremony of Stones, Artoia's mentor, Eros, and Lucian got into a sort of...spat. Information was dropped that should not have been shared in that way. As a result, eventually, the boys left the pack, and Artoia hasn't the faintest idea when, or if they ever intend on coming back.

Her parents have gone, looking for them, and Artoia is simply left with this ball of foreign emotion sunk into the pit of her belly, and whenever she sees Eros her vision turns red.
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