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Luperci Ortus

The tulip in our rose garden. This phrase was often used to describe the priestess-initiate known as Delphine. The coyjackal stood at a mere 5'6", significantly smaller than most of her wolfish counterparts. With a thin, wiry frame that often drowned in customary beige linen, it is hard to tell how much she weighs in particular, the only hint to her figure the width of the sash fastened around her waist. Among the juxtaposition of cream and cocoa markings of the girls face sits wide, expressive doe eyes. A striking pale blue, the milky hues of her gaze are framed in long, dark lashes and can be unsettling for some, as the young luperci tends to stare instead of look.

As part of the religion Delphine followed, hair was to remain uncut until their 2cd birthday and so it is long, thick and auburn colored. Usually her lengthy mane is worn loose with a myriad of thin or thick braids dispersed between the strands. The coyjackal has large, elongated ears and a longer than normal tail, bushy and luxurious in its softness.

Her style of clothing is primarily simple linen shifts, primary colors in blue, yellow and red embroidered along the sleeves. The sash that accompanies the shift generally matches the shade of stitching. The femme is prone to being chilly with such thin fur and usually is wearing layers, especially in the cooler seasons of autumn and winter. In these instances, Delphine is partial to donning thick woolen cloaks lined in fur.

Not overly athletic, she carries a dagger and a sickle and has some self defense skills.
At 10 months old, Delphine has much maturing still ahead of her. Despite that, at such a young age she has a morbid fascination with death and how one might arrive at deaths door. Gore and blood does not bother her, and often the hybrid will test out poisonous concoctions on small animals, or anything she can catch with her limited hunting abilities. Delphine does not care for things that stroke her ego, and is not vain nor in possession of any notions about herself.

Aloof, impressionable and austere, the coyjackal has been raised to only want the basics in comfort and dress, modesty being seen as a virtue. Long dresses and hair coverings were common among her people, and going bare was viewed as a private, intimate thing.

Considered dutiful and pious, there was a strangeness that seemed to keep an invisible barrier between Delphine and others, something that discouraged close relationships. Perhaps it was the way she watched her first wicker sacrifice burn with glee in her milky eyes, or how she investigated the charred remains after the event was over. Always acting a degree dis-attached from the suffering of others has earned her no friends, something the young former-initiate has decided to conceal better in the future.

Delphine tends to have poor social skills and takes social ques from others, imitating rather then knowing innately.
As a puppy she was pulled from a nearby river and given a home with a medium sized group of religious fanatics. There were a ruling council of female luperci that performed most of the rituals and their culture was centered around ' The Wheel of the Year '.

Every year to celebrate Mayday, the priestesses would construct a wicker figure large enough to hold a luperci, and send an initiate chosen from a pool of hopefuls out to choose a victim. There were only two rules, they must be a virgin and must die the morning of the celebrations, burned alive in their wicker casket.

To accomplish this, victims were lured by the beautiful young priestess initiates with drugged wine, a concoction born of the ruling councils interest in disabling those chosen to burn. Delphine as a novice acolyte has been trained in the application of poisons and often sought different herbs to mix together on her own after the lessons she was given.

A family of one of the last victims located the cult of murderers before she could be picked and declared them cannibals and witches, accused them of cursing the land with their presence before launching a raid, razing many of the shelters down and causing widespread mayhem and confusion. In the fight, Delphine slipped away unnoticed, small and quiet as she was. It was simple for her to bow her head and blend in, catching rides with travelers and bands of families until she reached Nova Scotia.
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