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1st November 2020
Artemis is a pure black wolfdog with a thick coat of glistening black fur even down to her whiskers. She has sharp ebony claws, yellowish gold eyes and sharp ivory teeth. She is very lean from being a lone wolf for the last few months but her leanness does not prove her to have many  weaknesses. Beneath her pelt resides strong muscles which cause her fur to ripple as she walks. Anyone that gets close enough to her paws will see pale gray paw-pads that are adorned with darker black spots on the pads.

She is a young wolf and has quite the pep in her step as she trots around, dark nose usually up to scent the world around her. Her obsidian tail curls slightly over her flank as she runs, bouncing lightly off her rump, showing proof of some of her heritage. She stands 5'7 in her Optime form, her long black fur creating the appearance of a charcoal mane. She wears a crimson cloak, a loose shirt and kilt to cover herself. She carries a backpack with her as well which has some things needed to survive as she seeks out a pack.

She gives the air of being confident and self assured, though it is a rouse and she is really quite nervous since she has no pack to back her.  She resembles her wolven heritage more than her canine.
Artemis is sweet and loving, though since her parents demise she is quiet skittish and nervous being that she is now a lone wolf. She grew up very outgoing and playful and ever the curious creature about anything and everything around her. Her bright yellow eyes always appear to be taking in anything and everything and she is very intelligent with a fascination in all kinds of animals.

Before her family was killed, when she was still wild and playful because she felt safe, she was quick tongue and quick witted, usually having a great retorte to most teases that came her way. Since her families death she has become somewhat withdrawn and nervous, though she is still caring and sweet and wanting of a pack to call her family. 

Artemis loves the water and prefers the cold rather than heat, her thick fur making warm temperatures uncomfortable for her. She loves pups though she hasn't had much experience with them personally. 

She currently seeks out a pack, hoping that she will fit in somewhere,  hoping to find the safety, solace and comfort that pack life gives automatically. She knows there is safety in numbers and having a pack to back you means better chances of survival in the long run.
Adolf Hale - Deceased Father
Aria Hale - Deceased Mother

No siblings
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Artemis was born to Adolf and Aria Hale, both lone wolves which had chosen no pack to live beneath, they were footloose and free willed and refused to stay put which ended up causing their demise. They took good care of Artemis, though food was sometimes hard to comeby for the lone group of 3. When Artemis was 9 months old her parents got into a fight with a large pack of wolves while out hunting. Artemis was able to escape but just barely, having jumped over a waterfall to get away. 

As she grew up as a pup she was sweet, outgoing,  kind and gentle but since the death of her parents she is a bit more withdrawn and nervous around all beasts she runs into. She seeks out the pack life, wanting the comfort that comes from others of her kind backing her and as such she is currently heading towards the Casa di Cavalieri pack grounds, though she is scared that once she gets there she will be turned away or worse. 

She enjoys learning about everything, always paying strict attention to things that she was taught when she was young. She is fleet of foot and very flexible in all her forms, being useful when she and her parents had hunted before their deaths. She loves life, but has a slight sadness about her now that she is alone.

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