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2nd September 2019
Luperci Ortus
Romeo is very much a jumbled mix of various dog breeds. His short and wired coat is very akin to that of scruffy terriers. Along with his short, flopped ears and less than average height and the young man is very much dog in his appearance. Keeping himself looking his best comes fairly easily; given his coat is short the only parts of himself that Romeo needs to maintain are the wired, moustache-like hairs around his lips and his medium length, wavy hair.

Romeo's colours also show a very mixed heritage; his coat starts as a base of light creams before layering into beige, dark greys and earthy browns, All colours overlapping to form various patterns across Romeo's face and body.

In all his forms, Romeo remains fairly short, though he remains well-built and lean so to not look too fragile. His favoured form is Optime, due to the use of hands, so Romeo also makes sure to clothe himself. To commit to the look of a fancy bard, the boy likes to wear a leather cap with a red feather hooked into the side, along with an outfit consisting of a green patterned shirt and dark trousers.
Having grown with not much at all, Romeo makes sure to accept everything he can get and remain grateful to the things he does have. His lack of attention as a pup and a feeling of lonliness means Romeo is quick to form new relationships, putting on a confidence that he has manifested for himself to help him avoid growing anxious. This confidence also bleeds into when Romeo performs; although a natural talent, Romeo also relies on his bravado to convince himself that he is in fact good at what he does, so that he doesn't falter or over-think things.

This can sometimes make Romeo believe he's more charismatic than he actually is, causing him to overstep boundaries and become potentially overbearing on others. Something Romeo also doesn't always notice when he's being pushy.

The boy is, however, quick to be polite and apologetic. He is willing to accept his faults if they are explained to him and try to do better, but often falls victim to just belittling himself and getting to worried to try. Romeo is still young and still very much learning, his world has been opened up by the influences of Macbeth and Tempest and the boy at least looks forward to what the future might bring.
Macbeth: Role-model and father figure
Tempest: Close friend
Romeo was born to a whole lot of nothing; abandoned by parents only a couple of months into life for reasons he can't remember, though has grown to believe to be selfish desires that didn't include carrying around a small child. What he grew on was the support of those who would pity him, who would stop to give the child food, a place to stay for a while, some even offering a home to keep the young pup for a few months so that he might survive. Others offered the boy a job; to work for them by being small and innocent and take things from under the noses of others.

But Romeo didn't stick with any of those things, he didn't join gangs or get adopted into new homes, the boy just couldn't keep his feet still long enough to try. Trust had been broken from birth and it would take a great deal of time to repair it, time many didn't want to give him. So Romeo taught himself ways to attract attention and gain rewards without relying on charity. He would sing songs that he'd heard from others, or play music from worn-down instruments that were days away from breaking, earning food and shelter as a prize.

But one day the prize was more than just a meal. As Romeo was performing, a heavy footed man approached and offered the boy a place in a traveling troupe, consisting of only two others. Given that it meant not staying in the same place, Romeo accepted, though didn't intend on getting close to the other two performers.

But with long days of travel, the sharing of fantastical stories and the success of many upon many performances, Romeo found himself clinging onto the joy he felt when around the others. Macbeth and Tempest became lifelines for the lonesome boy, and ever since Romeo has remained by their side and performed to his heart's content.
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