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Golden Retriever, Afghan Hound, Coyote
Date of Birth:
25th May 2020
Luperci Ortus
Tempest is very doggish in appearance consisting of golden retriever, afghan hound cross and coyote. One ear is pointed, while the other is floppy and her muzzle is tapered thanks to the hound and coyote heritage. Her fur is silky, with long feathering along the arms and legs. The coat colors consist of creamy ivory and vanilla colors, appearing warm and inviting. A flower tattoo resides on her left hip and she wears lots of jewelry, including a tongue ring and ear piercings, especially items that make noise and draws attention to her as she dances. She is tall and slender, with thickness in all the right places. The hourglass figure entices others as her hips shimmy back and forth.

Fun blue eyes sparkle with a glint of yellow, almond shape and attracts the audience as she performs. Long wavy hair ends mid back, and one will usually find a crown and braids to keep it out of her face. The tail is long and the fur thick and fluffy with a good length. Tempest is highly humanized and wears clothes, though some may not consider her garments clothes. Thin layers of fabric dance around her limbs, floating as she twirls and moves and leaves her abdomen exposed.
Always the life of the party and center of attention, Tempest craves the spotlight. Her dream is to bring music and stories on paper to life through the moves of her dancing. The coydog hates the thought of being normal, and she craves individuality especially from her twin sister. She is charismatic, and usually gets her way. She adores her family and friends, and will do anything for them, all they have to do is ask. Tempest is not shy by any means, and in confident in her coat. She loves a large crowd when she takes center stage and is one hundred percent an extrovert and has trouble being alone, even more so after the hard time on the road before Macbeth saved her.

Since joining the musical and storytelling troupe, she has really come into her own, perfecting her skills and dominating every challenge that comes her way. Practicing nonstop while not preforming she is a perfectionist and hates when she misses a cue or just messes up in general. On the occasion she finds time by herself, she takes time to write home to tell them about her adventures and she even occasionally sleeps.

Tempest isn't just her name, it's who she is and while not preforming during an event you can guarantee she is flirting with every lady or gentleman in the joint. Telling them her biggest desires, hoping maybe one day, someone can fulfill her wildest dreams.
Father: Tybee Grady
Mother: Savannah Grady
Sister: Athens Grady
Along with her twin sister, Tempest is heir to a royal family in the southeast of North America around Augusta, Georgia. As with a lot of luperci in the deep south, her fortune is from old family capital funded off their horse stables. While many would thrive in this situation, she struggled to find herself and forge her own path claiming her own identity different from that of her identical twin sister. When Tempest finally shifted she did everything she could to be different, to be the southern belle rebel. Instead of spending hours training horses, she started teaching herself to dance, moving her body to any rhythm she heard and made her own beat. She began to wear all sorts of jewelry that would draw attention to her as she walked and moved to the beat of her own drum. Tempest even went as far as having her ears and tongue pierced and getting a flower tattoo on her left hip, at least then she would be different and people wouldn't mistake her for her twin.

During her childhood she received that best education, as she learned to read, write and arithmetic. Extra curricular activities involved all things horses, including mucking stalls, training and riding. While her family had workers to do the hunting and skinning for them, however, Tempest' parents thought it was important aspects to learn as well as self defense and she is more than capable of using a bow to hunt and trained in hand to hand combat.

The young canine tried her best to fit into the scope of a Georgia southern belle but each time she tried she was drawn back to a lifestyle that kept her dancing and visiting far off places. Once over a year old, she said goodbye to her parents and sister and set out on her own. Once on her own, she found life much harder than she thought and found herself at the lowest point in her life. Others treated her like trash and tried to break her down. When she was about to give up on her dreams and run home, a rugged looking bully dog stepped in to look after her. Feeling forever in Macbeth's debt she traveled with him, trying every day to repay his kindness. After a few months the musically inclined terrier joined the group by the name of Romeo, making the troupe complete.

Now the trio travels from town to town, preforming nightly to earn their way. Most recently they have come across a place called Wolfville with travelers from all over, which seems like a perfect place to stay warm for the incoming winter months.
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