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15th November 2016
Luperci Verto
The del Morte family is most usually taller and more lean or muscular. Liam is no exception to this. He is quite tall from his family's genetics, and is muscular both from transporting goods for trading and also working sometimes as a longshoreman and also from archery, one of his favorite pastimes. Archery has caused his arms to be especially strong, and affords him more things to trade with like meat and whatever else you can make from the rest of the bodies.

He prefers his Optime form over his Lupus form. In it, he has brown hair styled into a mohawk that he keeps cut shorter. He avoids growing it out, as he prefers his hair to be out of the way during trading and other activities, but long enough to have an alluring look to add to his charisma for selling.

He wraps each of his limbs in white bandages, and has pierced his ears to hold one gold earring in each.

He has two sets of scars, one set over his heart and one along his arms. These are both a result of the attack when he was a pup, having them last this long.

His unique mixture of earthy colors helps him to pop out among any crowd. His fur is predominantly coffee brown, with the tip of his tail and his underbelly being grayer.
Life is a glass half full, if you ask Liam, and there are plenty of opportunities to work to overflow that cup. He is optimistic, and tends to be less swayed by pessimism and nihilism. While he does not always assume the best in others, and can be paranoid about unknown intentions, he is realistic about expectations, and has the will and determination to improve the outcome of most situations.

He is extremely charismatic, often using a silver tongue to haggle or persuade others. He does not keep to corners and is not softly spoken. He is quite brave and amiable, and is unafraid to put himself out there to meet others as an extrovert. He shares much empathy for those around him, and this often is most focused on those that are down on their luck... Or also grieving for someone missing from their life. He is focused when he trades, but is not cruel with his career, and is resolutely loyal to those he loves. He has quite the moral compass (for now), and rarely approves of underhanded actions and intentions that hurt others. His heart hurts too much when he sees others suffering, and greatly dislikes being the cause for that.

Liam is relaxed and laidback. He was energetic when he was a pup, but through the years he has been alive, he has mellowed out. He takes it easy when he can, avoids neglecting himself, and values his free time. Despite being an extrovert that is the life of the party, he likes to decompress eventually, and can be seen meditating among quieter spaces with his pet raven, Allen.
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By Kiri

- Silas del Morte: Liam's older brother.

The one thing that keeps him going aside from his work in the trade business. It is his greatest desire to find the older sibling he had been told so much about when he was growing up with his family, only to have been kidnapped before he was even born. There's not much to go off of in terms of information, but he is hoping that assisting his family in Portland will help him get some leads on where his brother might be or even anything that would help his search.

- Wolfram del Morte and Tori del Morte: Liam's deceased parents.

He doesn't remember much about them given the short time they were able to spend together before their murder at the hands of Rabenuhr attackers. What he does remember is their gentle and caring nature, and their determination to defend him with their lives before being left to die alone.
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Allen: Liam's raven friend that can speak broken high speech.

He received him in a trade long ago, and has been pretty close to him since, as they support each other in many ways. He will sometimes carry messages to others for Liam as he can communicate with canines somewhat, but will grow grumpy and refuse if this is requested of him too often.
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By Despi
The second born to Wolfram and Tori del Morte and younger brother to the missing Silas del Morte in the non-Luperci branch of his family, Liam had a relatively normal puphood at first, despite his parents' grief over his older brother. However, this was quickly cut short, as soon after he was born, two strangers appeared. They threatened his family to appear as though they had forgotten about his older brother, and that they preferred Liam as a replacement.

However, this was far from the truth. Their parents were loving and wanted their son back, but instead they were met with slaughter once the forced scene was over. Liam was not meant to survive as a pup, but his parents had fought to give him a chance at survival.

He was left for dead after the fight, but he survived - scarred and changed. His blood had mixed with the slavers', and he was infected with the Luperci virus. The Luperci branch of the del Morte family took him under their wing and helped him adjust to shifting. Additionally, once he was old enough, he travelled with them to Portland and was taught the skills of trading. He learned how to brew alcoholic drinks and to hunt with archery to create things to trade with, and many other things from his family.

Liam does not remember the tragedy consciously, but his relatives told him of how his parents had perished and how his older brother had disappeared. The trauma stirs in his subconscious and festers into symbolic and visceral hallucinations at times. He itched to find and know his older brother, his only surviving direct relative, and yearned to create more close connections of his own in a mate and children. He felt alone, and needed to fill that hole in his heart left by the survivor's guilt of losing his family. Now that a few members of his family have left Portland to trade in pack routes in Nova Scotia, he has resolved to come with them to see more of the world, potentially gather more information about his missing family, and hopefully find a mate.
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