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19th November 2019
Kubota is a hybrid mix consisting primarily of coyote ancestry. He has a lean, athletic build that has been toned from hard labor, horseback riding, and working cattle. While he may not be bulging with muscle, nor be as powerful as a wolf, Kubota is—perhaps unsurprisingly given his lifestyle—quite strong. His work also means that the pawpads on his hands are somewhat rough. As far as his height and weight goes, he stands within the average range of a coyote. His fur is double-coated, and is less busy than one might expect from his wild roots. This gives him a more trimmed, sleek appearance.

He primarily uses his Optime form for his day-to-day activities, however, he is just as comfortable in his Lupus form when it comes to working with cattle, driving off thieves, or, occasionally, patrolling. In his bipedal form, he keeps his hair short and well-maintained. He wears a cowboy hat with a red-tailed hawk flight feather tucked into the band of it. A chord with an adjustable, painted, wooden bead ensures that the hat stays on his head. He wears a wool poncho over his shoulders, a collared shirt, and has a pair of buckskin chaps and pants to cover his lower regions. Typically, he has one of his knives strapped to his thigh and his bola attached to his belt.

  • Lupus: 24 in (61 cm) ↔ 50 lbs (23 kg)
  • Secui: 40 in (102 cm) ↔ 135 lbs (61 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 9 in (69 in / 175 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg) (Preferred)
He is about what one might expect of a cowboy; hardworking, brave, reliable, responsible, and honest. He can be blunt at times, and can be downright sarcastic and crass at others pending his company and his mood. While he can be generally described as someone who is kind, helpful, and friendly, he can just as easily go from being playful to cutthroat in the blink of an eye. He is not above putting someone in their place, and is not one to let himself be walked over either. Those that manage to gain his respect and friendship will find themselves with a loyal ally that will stand with them even with the odds stacked against them.

He is a man that does what needs to be done, regardless of his personal feelings or opinions of the matter or task at hand, and is one to strive to be proactive in a situation rather than reactive. Like the livestock he works with, Kubota can be stubborn and bullheaded about certain things. He's protective of his own; be it a friend's honor or their life, he will defend it. He is a confident and proud individual, and someone that will hold his head high even when beaten black and blue. Even when things are not okay in his life, Kubota is the type to try his best to ensure that others don't worry about him.

Summarized: hardworking, brave, reliable, responsible, honest, loyal, playful/friendly, protective, compassionate, driven
  • Mother: Lorena Deere
  • Father: John Mossberg
  • Siblings:
    • Littermate: Sister
    • Older: Brother, Brother, Brother, Sister
Kubota was the youngest son born to John Mossberg and Lorena Deere. His father was a hardworking, honest man, and his mother was a sweet but stern woman. His older siblings were average as far as siblings went; equal parts role models, aggressors, and annoyances. He had a normal childhood for a pup born on a working ranch, and, from the day he could walk, Kubota was thrust into the thick of the family's livelihood. Where his parents didn't teach him, his siblings or neighbors did. And where they didn't, life taught him.

His family was part of a small, rural community that lived in the southern United States. Like many in their area, they had a sizable amount of land to call their own, and were close with their neighbors. A few members of the area could trace their roots and jobs back to their ancestors during the human times; the family of Kubota's childhood friend, Wesson Walker, among the few that could claim such pride in their history.

A family death drove the Mossbergs to eventually move north to Lorena's childhood home, and, moving with them, were the Walkers. Life was harder up north, but they managed. When rumor of a demand in beef in the east reached their community, the Mossbergs and Walkers decided to jump at the opportunity. A group of cattle were selected, and Kubota, two of his older brothers, Wesson and her father, and their horses drove the cattle. Their destination: Portland, Maine.

Before they could ever reach their destination though, they were ambushed by thieves. Kubota's brothers tried to fight them off, meanwhile, Kubota, Wesson, and Wesson's father tried to drive the cattle to safety. The effort was a lost cause though. Kubota's bothers fell, and Wesson's father was killed as well when additional bandits appeared during the chaos. Kubota and Wesson managed to escape on their horses, but, it was not without additional heartache. Wesson's prized horse had been severely injured during the fray, and had to be killed to put it out of its misery.

Just when they'd lost all hope though, by some miracle, the pair happened upon three of their cattle that had somehow been missed when the thieves had stolen and rounded up the rest of the scattered herd. Determined to finish what they'd started, Kubota and Wesson attempted to drive them to Portland on their own, however, they ended up lost, and traveled further northeast than they had intended.

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