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22nd September 2018
In Optime form, Antaras is tall and muscular. He lets his hair grow out into a sort of mane-like appearance, almost a wild look, but certainly *styled* that way. He has warm emerald-green eyes, matched by his welcoming smile.
Antaras hails from a Tribe of Luperci that live in what used to be Yellowstone Park. The Tribe of Flowing Waters share the Park territory with two other Tribes of Luperci, who have differing opinions on how Luperci should live and differing views on how Luperci came into being. Despite their differing views, the three tribes have similar ancestors and have traded goods and cooperated together for generations.

Antaras' mother, Seraphina, was a healer in the Tribe of Flowing Water, while his father, Finnegan, was a guardian - a protector of the tribe. Finnegan wanted Antaras to follow in his footsteps, but from Antaras' first stumbling footsteps out of the nursery, he was following Seraphina into the healer's den, sniffing around and asking: "what's that?" and "oh, what does this one do, mama?"

That doesn't mean that Antaras doesn't know how to fight, oh no! When Seraphina made Antaras her apprentice healer, she made sure that he could defend himself and his fellow tribe members (in essence, his patients) from attack. Antaras doesn't like to fight, and will do his best to avoid a fight if possible. He wouldn't even call himself a 'good' fighter, merely 'decent' at defending himself. But woe befall the one who tries to attack one of his patients, for the 'papa bear' comes out.

Unfortunately, disaster strikes us when we are happiest, sometimes. A huge forest fire struck the valley that the Tribe of Flowing Water called home, and sent everyone scattering, looking for shelter. In the chaos, Antaras lost the way home, and has been wandering ever since.
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