Date of Birth:
9th July 2021
After becoming mature Honey chile will be quite tall coming to 80 in (6ft 8in) while in optime form, 44 in (111.76 cm) in Secui, and 28 in (71.12 cm) in her lupus form. Her coat is mostly light brown with some lighter shades including creams throughout. Her eyes are lavender, taking more after her mother than father in that area. Honeychile’s body leans more towards her coyote heritage, while also being thicker and having plenty of curves and soft edges. Her mane will be curly and nearly untamable, though she tries her best with it, especially under the tutelage of her father and aunt. When it comes to clothing, she wears a mishmash of things that look to be influenced by the styles found around the pack, always easy to move and run in. She always has little charms and trinkets on her person, and also in her hair when she can manage to tame it. Her favorites are ones she gets from her family, so they are easier to spot in her chosen outfit of the day. Due to her nature of exploring, her outfits end up torn by the end of the day, and often need mended, so they may also have some added patches as well.
Honeychile is definitely a morning person, often working as her families alarm clock without meaning to. Has proven herself to be naturally assertive, unafraid of the space that she takes up, and doesn’t care if she is seen or heard. She is very outgoing, very social, and can come off as being loud and excitable. Doesn’t like standing in one spot for long, she will bounce on her feet or move her hands around some while talking. Might talk a little fast when extremely happy or excited about a new discovery. Loves to explore and isn’t afraid to get dirty or even of danger. Even if she gets into trouble, she isn’t discouraged from going on another adventure to learn about the world around her in her own energetic way. Honeychile is also sweet, and affectionate, especially to her family and close friends. She can be naïve and gullible, due to living a somewhat sheltered life so far. Has no reason to be suspicious of others, so she tends to be friendly even to strangers. Already has a love of learning, whether it's on her own or from those that live around her, though this can cause its own brand of trouble especially at her so far young age.
Morrigan- Mother
Sugarbear- Father
Bugaboo- Aunt
Born first of two pups, Honeychile was under the care of Sugarbear, Bugaboo, and Morrigan. She and her brother were moved a lot between the swamps and Irving during their care, and sometimes watched over by Peony and Hosea. Her relationship with her father and aunt is really good, while her relationship with her mother is improving, even with Morrigan being so busy. Occasionally she was cared for by Asher, who she views as an uncle figure. Another uncle figure of hers would be Sean, since the hybrid male is Morrigans best friend. Honeychile hasn’t gotten up to much as of yet, though she likes listening to Morrigan as the witch works in the gardens. She has enjoyed going frog hunting, and playing games with Peony’s charges. The young pup also enjoys listening to her aunt’s stories, and sometimes follows her father around in case there might be an adventure in store for her. As she has grown a bit closer to her shifting age, she has become slightly more independent and willing to make her own discoveries about the world and pack around her. Wherever she goes, she makes sure that her brother isn’t left too far behind, for having such adventures alone would be quite boring.
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