Date of Birth:
1st May 2021
Daphne is a spitting image of her meek mother, Peony, save for the few specs of dog which are notable in her Secui and Lupus form. Shaggier, scruffier on these forms, it's no wonder she's doting her optimistic form more than her other ones. Lupus is her smallest, shaggiest form, given it's long legs, and even longer snout. Her ears stand almost too large upon her cranium in this form. Another reason why she hardly uses it.

She stands at a little over five foot six, weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds of solid muscle. Typically seen in her Optime form when in public, given her somewhat cattywompas form a bit of fluidity. Once she is fully grown, her androgynous chest will fill out a little bit more, but in her young teenage years up until she's almost two, the Brathwaite will very much so, have nothing more than mosquito bites. Working out leaves her with biceps and a pack of abs, that she oftentimes is proud to sport.

In optime the woman sports very long,, beautiful hair, that naturally balagaes. Her eyes are a vibrant color of purple,, not too light,, and not too dark.. seemingly shining in the dark as she runs too and from places. In Secui she stands a little taller than her Lupus form, using thisnwhen she is alone or running around.

Daphne is very much so a typical female, except she stands with a chest puffed out and a word to say to everything. Typical athletic build with nary any chest to accompany the badonkadonk she does have. The female is oftentimes found wearing a baggy shirt, and tight buckskin pants, without doing her hair, unless her mother gets ahold of her first. Well endowed in the keester and a little more than androgynous in the upper torso, the Braithwaite femme may sometimes use these to her advantage whenever she desires to do so.
Daphne very much so lived a straight and narrow life, the Bella Dama's daughter is against smokinng, but not drinking, she is loose lipped typically, and especially after a sip. Daphne tends to be assessing the environment, seemingly ever so vigilant. Unafraid to say what’s on her mind, and given her background and parental lineage, she is oftentimes mistaken for her mother in the ways she words things. Daphne speaks with propriety, careful to what she says, although her curses are mumbled under breath when fired up the "proper lady" seems to disappear.

Into her teenage years she’s more dominant and boisterous, always talking and using “like” every other word. A typical run of your mill valley girl, Daphne can talk too much,, be too boisterous,, and sometimes a tad belligerent. Preppy, pretty, prissy, just a few words to describe the high content coyote hybrid.

Theres no denying that she is a momma’s girl, and although she adores her daddy, she is oftentimes reading, writing, and drawing something. While her exterior may be approachable, don't let her quietness distract you from the louder and more flamboyant woman, once someone gets to know her, Daphne doesn’t care what people think.

As soon as she first shifted, her mother, father, and uncles all thrust a bow into her hands and have since, been training her to yield a bow and arrow. She is pretty avid at it, and knows how to dance as well.

The young girl is very much a neutral good alignment with little qualms in life, truly happy, and purposeful in everything she does or sees.

One things for certain, if you mess with her family, she will give you a tongue lashing you wished you’d never experienced. Young, brave, bold, and somewhat poised, the girl holds herself to a degree of prestige at which she will one day accomplish. Just as her mother.
Pirate — five month old otter, is really just as annoying as Daphne, and likes to chitter at people and steal objects. Daphne (of course) returns most things. Very cuddly, sweet, generous (loves sharing their fish and chewed on toys), Pirate is named because they only have one eye, but that doesn’t stop them from being the life of a party.

Since rescuing the otter pup, it has basically taken a claim to Daphne, and leaves small rocks everywhere around their homestead. Pirate is male, and is oftentimes curled up in Daphne’s hair, or skittering around the ground chasing after shadows. Not the smartest tool in the shed, but has tends to be creative, funny, and sweet. If threatened he will attack, and is oftentimes curled right next to Daphne. Perhaps a little jealous of a creature, as well.
Daphne was born a single child in a litter, growing up alongside her milk-sister Catalina, the two of them grew very close. Although she was closest with Catalina, once her sister shifted, she hardly saw her but once a week.

Although this hurt her, she didn’t let that stop her. Due to both her parents a working part of society, Daphne oftentimes went with her tia Azade or Tia Morrigan, spending time and growing up very close with these children. During these times she grew up to pick out a piece of each of them, that sort of adapted into her boisterous and sometimes confusing personality.

After a few months of life, the girl has since shifted on November 1, 2021, and yields with her new form, a power that she aims to bestow upon the world. Honeychile and Beignet being with her as she shifted, has given her a closer relationship with these two than the Twins, but that being said, she is awful caring towards each individual she has known since pup hood.

With two younger sisters, Tansy and Camellia, the young woman is grateful for them. Not only for taking most the attentions away from her, but giving her the small freedom she's been asking for, for many moons. Daphne finds Tansy the tomboy, whom she gets along with well, and Camellia the tiny bundle of joy. As she grows older then she may, perhaps, have a change of heart.

When Daphne was just six months old she found a tiny baby otter, and asked her mother if she could keep it. Peony , of course, said yes, and with the help from Peony reared the otter up, and now has a chittery creature to which she is still learning low speech from, and trying to teach high speech to.
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