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2nd June 2021
Luperci Ortus
Luna's coat is a nice contrast of light and dark colours. Her fur, thick from her mother's heritage, is a soft grey tone with highlights of pure white around her muzzle, face, legs and back. The fur turns to a chocolate brown across her back, tail tip, brow and the top of her head however. The brown across her back shapes nicely around her body, but is cut in half by the white underneath just around her waist. When shifted, her hair will also maintain this warm brown colour. The browns darken to almost black however around the rims of her ears and front toes/fingers. Across the bridge of her nose, Luna has a patch red fur that ends in a point between her eyes, another part of her appearance inherited by her mother.

What isn't inherited by her mother however is Luna's size. She isn't tiny, but the girl certainly doesn't show strong or large genes from the giant dog breeds from her mother's side. Instead, the girl is well defined, lithe but certainly not big.

The feature that best defines Luna, or what remains her most striking feature are her eyes. From afar they look like molten gold and up close they resemble miniature suns. Around the edges of the eye the colour is a darker orange, softening to a warm and sunny yellow near the center.
When she was still so young, Luna presented herself with a very laid-back attitude. However she wasn't lazy, simply lost in thought a lot with questions on her mind. The girl has grown up to start being more active, especially now that she and her brother feel more and more responsible. And that it something very clear about Luna; she's mature for her age, and just like her brother she aims to prove herself incredibly capable and smart without the patience to sit around anymore to wait for it to happen.

However where Vezda is headstrong and impulsive, Luna is thoughtful and filled with a need to rely on logic. She remains the brains of the duo, always the one to lean first onto what makes the most sense to explain things. Raised by a mother who believed in connected souls and spirits, Luna has learnt to show a lot of empathy for others. A deep understanding for things without getting easily offended.

However, the girl is not all deep thoughts and calmness... both her and Vezda have grown more fierce with the loss of their mother. The pair were close before the tragedy, but are now even more bonded now that they have a mutual goal in mind: protect their father and be just as strong as their mother was, if not stronger.
Mother: Tlamatini
Father: Borya Hushhowl
Siblings: Vezdatini
Born to the Cavalier Scholar, Borya and the spiritual Ancaran, Tlamatini, both Luna and Vezda had a mixed and interesting heritage. They soaked in all sorts of lessons from their parents: learning how to read early in life from their father, but then also learning more about their souls and the souls connected to them by their mother. It was clear from the start that both children had interested leaning towards different parents.

Vezda would often be with his mother, exploring forests and learning how to hunt or scout. Whilst Luna would keep her father company, asking him questions with every other breath and just soaking in as much history and knowledge as she could.

Both children were smart for their age, perfect mixes of their parents with a bright future ahead of them.

But then their mother died suddenly from a poison that wrecked through Casa, and suddenly the lives they had to look forward to were rushing at them at breaking speed.

With their father withdrawn, terrified of life and shattered by loss, both Luna and Vezda quickly realised that without their mother around they would need to step up to a position far more mature than children. The youngsters no longer had the time or luxury of childhood, and instead began to come up with ways to get smarter and stronger as quick as possible. Only one thing remained certain however, Luna and Vezda would do so together.
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