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75% Northeastern Coyote, 20% (Red)Wolf, 5% Dog
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9th July 2021
Luperci Ortus
Beignet is thin and reedy in his adolescence, lacking the true muscle that adults fill out with. He quickly shed the baby fat of his pup hood and grew into his over-large paws. The hybrid has large ears and a strongly angular face, clearly displaying his coyote heritage.

When he matures he will go through a proper growth spurt, taking after his mother in height. He will become somewhat muscular but still agile, with a figure more suited for sneaking and slinking around then outright brawling. A more wolfish build is what he will grow into, and his coat is at odds with all the species in his blood.

A dark brown coats Beignet from tip to tail, a reddish hue staining his face, ears, and undersides of his extremities. He has a cream glove on each hand, and a cream sock on either foot. This cream dusts his entire underside, and forms an agouti coloration on the back of his neck, fading into dark brown along his shoulders, and then lightens once more to cream across his lower back. The underside and tip of his tail are pale cream, the same shade present on the inside of Beignets ears. Deep chocolate stretches' the length of both his arms, the pattern of auburn and dark brown switching to opposite places on his legs.

He has one eye of swampy green and the other, the same pinkish violet of Morrigan’s gaze.
Beignet is a child growing up in a unique living situation, his parents not bound by mateship or marriage and living apart. As he is young and sweet, he doesn’t complain about the amount of travelling he and Honeychile must do if their father did not come to them. For now he is adaptable, able to field the many changes of his world on the fly without interruption.

When Beignet was only a few months old, he was rather shy and timid and spent most of his time wrapped around Morrigans ankles. His small circle of trusted Ashen has grown, but only just so. He naturally hesitates making new relationships and most, if not all strangers will be viewed with varying degrees of suspicion until he's entered true maturity.

He thinks before he speaks and is very detail oriented, having a fantastic memory like his mother. As an adult Beignet will be far more extroverted then he is at present, and will become well versed in speechcraft. He will grow into being charismatic as well as persuasive, skilled in talking himself out of trouble. While currently still suspicious and wary, he is slowly coming out of his shell and exposing himself to new and different experiences - if only so his sister stops calling him a chicken.

Beignet has a taste for trouble and that will only grow as he ages and is exposed to many vices, and finally shifts.
Mother: Morrigan Archeron.
Father: Sugabear Perrin Du Lac.
Aunt: Bugaboo Perrin Du Lac.

Sister: Honeychile Perrin Du Lac.
Tarot, white speckled raven. This bird was found along with Sugabears Peekan, both being injured and nursed back to health sometime in 2020. Originally Morrigans bird, she's passed him down as a trusted familiar for her son. Tarot is almost always accompanying Beignet, and they spend lots of their time hunting bugs, frogs, and fish near Moosehead lake.
Both of Beignets parents found Del Cenere in 2020, and eventually grew close and formed a sort-of union. They act as a familial unit, and though his early pup hood was somewhat turbulent, Morrigan tried her best. She eventually grew out of the mood that had taken to her after giving birth, and became strongly bonded to both of her children after their third month.

So far hes lingered behind, slightly muted when in the presence of his sister. His pup hood has been fairly uneventful, being shuffled from place to place and spending lots of time with the Braithwaites, who function as a second family. He is close with Daphne and forms a close trio with her, as well as Honeychile.

As Beignet ages, he is growing more and more aware of how at odds their childhoods have been compared to their parents. This makes him protective of his home, and the stability it has provided his mother to heal. Quickly approaching the age when he is expected to shift, the sooty hybrid is eager to explore the world on two legs. On all fours the youngster has been limited to Del Cenere and longs to see what else is beyond the borders, Charmingtown being his favorite haunt when left unattended.
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