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Second Cadet
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87.5% Canis lupus (Wolf) 12.5% Other (Coyote, dog)
Date of Birth:
1st June 2021
Luperci Ortus
Eyes: Pastel Green (#4CE564)
Base color: Night Rider (#1D140F)
Legs, lower belly, back mottling: English Walnut (#4A3629)
Snout blaze, cape mottling, thigh blaze, tail highlight, ear tips: Pickled Bean (#63391F)

Height - adult
Lupus Secui Optime
30 inches. 40 inches 6’ 5”

Lupus. Secui. Optime
70. 140. 180

Lyra is a striking beauty, she works hard to keep herself clean and tidy. She’s very lean but is fairly average in height. This gives her a very elegant look, she carries herself with great poise. Many would compare her to her mother Minerva. As she seems to carry the same elegance as her mother. Though once she opens her mouth her mother’s gentle charm seems to melt away. Where her mother spoke soft and gently, Lyras tone is harsh. She tends to sound snippy and knows how to carry her voice to be heard. When she walks along the pack no matter what form she is in she holds herself with pride and nobility.

Pale green eyes barely ever hold anything in them but anger. She tends to always look sullen, angry or over all unimpressed. This never really changes much as she uses it to intimidate others from approaching her.

After her first shift she dresses in tan slacks and a white blouse. After her mentor ceremony she chooses to wear her purple sash tied around her waist allowing some of it to trail down her right leg.

Her lean look is enhanced by the hard work she puts into growing stronger. After starting with her mentor and beginning to work on strength. Where baby fat and youthful roundness that made her look fuller as she enters and begins training muscle slims her down further. She hopes over time to use muscle to build herself up.

Key traits
Studious, Cautious, Controlling (sometimes seen as bossy), overachiever, loud, arrogant, manipulative
Morally grey

As a young pup Lyra lives striving to get her paws and eventually hands on everything. Her desire to learn is only rivaled by her need to try to push her brothers around. She takes being the first born all too serious as she makes it a point to remind her brothers just who’s the oldest. While she craves to gain as much knowledge as possible she also can’t help but fall into her brother's antics.

More so with the death of her mother Lyra places herself in the keeper roll. Following along and joining them doesn’t mean she’s going to allow them to do something she feels is dangerous or stupid. After all as eldest she must always be sure to bring them home alive though if they chose not to listen she’s the first to get an adult or throw them under the bus. She firmly believes that as the eldest she needs to hold them all together finding a sense of control in a time where she feels she has no control.

Young adult 6m - 1.5y
As a young adult into adulthood Lyra still desires to get her hands on any and all knowledge possible but has enough common sense to know she simply can’t master everything she touches. Choosing to focus her energy on war tactics, politics inside and outside the pack and also strives to master hand to hand combat.

Lyra has set high standards for herself as the eldest sibling and she strives everyday to fulfill them. She seeks the approval of her mother Aldora. Watching over her brothers and pushing herself she leaves little social time. Friends are not something she makes easily as she comes off rude, and bossy. She’s also known to guilt others into helping her or getting what she wants. Any form of acceptance fills Lyra with joy, so she is always seeking approval where she can get it from adults.
Immediate Family

Mother — Minerva Griffith (biological), Aldora Knight
Father — Eros Damaichu
Littermates — Ambrose Griffith
Siblings —
(by Minerva) — Soledad Stryder, Celia Knight
(by Eros) — Sian Damaichu (paternal half-sibling)
(by Aldora) — Zanthe Damaichu, Veyron Knight (non-blood, raised alongside)

Nilda Catori - cousin and pup sitter
Born out of love, Lyra and her brother Ambrose are the products of their mother Minerva and Eros Damaichu who is their mother Aldoras brother. She was the first in their litter to be born. Soon her and Ambrose were joined by two more brothers Zanthe and Veyron from their mother Aldora. Their first two months were as normal as any other small pup would. They spent a great deal of time bonding with both their parents before venturing out with Aldora for the first time and meeting two older cousins.

Once they were older Lyra started to bug any adult she could. Sticking closely to the pup sitter intraining Nilda. The youth bothered her to show her everything she could and anything she couldn’t she bothered her to get someone who could. Her first summer faded into fall which brought new growth in both size and life experience. The first pack celebration she got to experience was magic. Her friends and family danced, enjoying food and drink. She loved it! Her siblings and the other pups of the pack were playing and enjoying the night. Those good memories though cast aside by the tragedy that struck. Her mother Minerva was struck by the poison that took her and three additional pack mates. That night her whole world turned upside down and now she lives with her grandfather callum while her mother Aldora works to care for the pack.
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