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Discord Handle: Viktor#8666
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29th October 2016
Luperci Ortus
Information in this profile is not yet fleshed out and much is subject to change. This is a future character not on the board yet and will be in LASKY for now.

X Crux is an albino. His eyes are crimson red and his fur is naturally white, though he dyes it as darkly as he can. He leaves his face white for clownish face paint.

He is covered in scars and piercings from head to toe. His scars include:

- A cross under each eye
- Two scars interrupting his hairline on the right, under his ear
- An eye on each shoulder
- The word "HATE" scarred on his right fingers, a letter for each
- The word "LOVE" scarred on his left fingers, a letter for each
- A bite mark on his left thigh

His piercings include:

- Several that can be swapped out in his ears
- A bar through his left eyebrow
WARNING - This character is MATURE. Mentions of violence and more will be in his posts.

Erratic and unpredictable. Religious and violent. Dominant. Vengeful and dogmatic. Secretive and full of lies. Strategic and conniving. Emotional and inconsolable. Insecure.
Kallippos Paddock - Mate
- Started out as a white furred pup in a litter of four
- Mother goes missing early on
- Father started to pit him against his littermates for leadership of Carnalis and taught him how to hunt and eat other Luperci/canines and how to harness the gift of fire
- Culminated in X being told by his father that he was chosen by Devilgod, so he must kill his siblings
- He did so, sobbing during the first one, silent to the second and cruel to the last
- His father made him eat all of their corpses
- X enters and wins his coming of age
- Father promotes him to prophet
- Then trusts him with the secret that he killed their mother
- In a fit of rage he slaughters him, unable to stop laughing and crying at the same time
- X covers up his death by saying his father left the pack for a pilgrimage to a promised land
- Crazed from how he was abused by his father, he cements the pack's reputation as cannibals and pyromaniacs
- He leads with an iron fist for a while until Kalli is captured
- X tortures Kalli until he finds out he can predict what he's about to do to him and the rest is history... Or present?
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