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18th December 2019
Moose is absolutely massive and moves with a grace and confidence that shouldn't fit his size. Though he prefers to go without clothing, he will don clothes for special occasions if a friend or partner asks him to. He has hair that reaches his shoulders in waves, which is tied back most of the time. He wears his thick and long beard proudly. His wiry coat is shiny and sleek, the product of hard work keeping it groomed and clean. Not being a fighter, Moose doesn't have any serious scars, only a few small ones from hunting. Being quite vain, he loves jewelry, and adores earrings and piercings. He has several ear piercings of different kinds on each ear, and he changes them regularly to spice things up. He also has a septum piercing and wears a small silver hoop in his nose.

His muscles are the product of having to do regular hard work, not military training. Rather, he has the body of a dancer, long and lean with well-developed muscles from doing regular performances. He's lost some of this in his time away from Portland, but he'll be working hard to relearn all of his acrobatic moves and regain muscle.
Moose is very focused on immediate pleasures. A friendly man, and a handsome one, he's never had trouble finding people to have sex with. He's also never had trouble scoring drugs and booze off these people. He's never had trouble making friends, being attuned to other's emotions and finding it easy to connect with others. An extrovert, Moose is spontaneous and loud, and sometimes struggles with remembering that others aren't as social as he is. He is generally welcome whenever there is a need for laughter and play, and unwelcome in serious situations.

A strange thing he does is play the fool. Generally speaking, he's there for a good time and everyone can see that. But. . . there's something there that hints that there's more to him than that. He'll let slip a dark story from his past, a shadow passing over his face for a moment, before the moment passes and he's back to normal. He'll take on a job and complete it, to the surprise of everyone except himself. He'll say something incredibly insightful and relevant, something that nobody would have expected to come out of his mouth.

It is in these moments that he sheds the mask of the fool he wears. At times he'll even show great capacity for leadership. Then, once the moment has passed, like a balloon he'll deflate, and take on the mantle of the fool once more. Perhaps, one day, someone will get close enough to him to learn why it is he does this.
Moose was born and raised in Portland. He never knew his mother or his siblings (if he has any), and his father is the only family he has in his life. Probably best to elaborate more on him later once you get to know Moose more.

He grew up in a tavern and would often perform for the guests there once he'd shifted. A young woman, Ana, taught him everything that she knew. She was employed by his father, who ran the tavern. Ana is very much like his big sister, and he idolizes her. It's been a long time since he's seen her, but one day he hopes to return to Portland to visit her again. She taught him to dance, and to sing (which he isn't very good at, unfortunately), and to entertain a crowd. Her teacher taught him acrobatics, and together they were his students. Those lessons are some of Moose's fondest memories.

He left Portland, and Ana and his other friends, because he had to flee his father. From here he lived mostly on his own, being very hurt and distrustful for a long time. It took a long time (in Luperci terms) for him to be willing to live with Luperci again.
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