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11th April 2018
Heavily scarred on his left side, with a blind eye to boot, Baelfire has an almost insecurity regarding his features. Once a very handsome young being, his scars are almost shameful and unattractive - to him. He stands tall at 6 ft 8 inches (optime), tall for a coyote and smaller than a larger wolf purebred. He's lean and lanky with some muscle, taking after his more dominate species. He can still throw some weight behind punches - if he ever wanted to. He rarely raises a paw to offensively fight, more so defensive - in the pursuit to defend himself and others.

Baelfire appears somewhat intimidating to people. He is quiet, speaking gruffly if at all. Blunt and to the point. He often will cloak himself to appear inconspicuous, blending in with others. His 'style' is rugged; with loose fitting clothing if he can obtain it, long hair tied back messily, etc. He grooms himself just enough to be passable, while also not neglecting himself. He cannot see out of his left eye - it is milky white. His other is a deep red. There is subtle light sensitivity during the day, so he often travels at night. Baelfire often squints when speaking to others, among many forms of quiet expression to show he's mentally exhausted with your crap.

Birthed with the black tricolor hues - mostly black, brown and ivories - he wears his hair in dreads. The color of his locks are mostly black with some brown included. His fur is on the thin side, unaccustomed to the northern climates. He will gripe about this mentally, while wearing layers of clothes until he's comfortable. Mostly cloaks, like stated, but if he is able to trade or make clothing Baelfire will be more casual than formal. His tone of voice is deep, with quietness attached.

Optime - 6 ft 7 inches
Secui - 47 inches
Lupus - 28 inches

Voice Claim;
Gideon Emery as Fenris in Dragon Age 2
Above all else, the most primary personality traits are such; he is temperamental at times, emotionally exhausted with others and hard to read. Baelfire flickers through life on his own whims, not pledging loyalty to a cause. Because of things that happened in the past, he appears much older than he is. Mature and articulate, while also quiet and suspicious. He judges others openly, calling their bullshit out while making sharp remarks.

Those that manage to get past can see he grumps because he cares about people in his own way. He does not like people being reckless, because it means more work for him. Though one can also say Baelfire doesn't like it because he has to see others hurt on his watch. He will quietly chastise you and your actions, suggesting that perhaps it isn't the right one to take. But if you chose not to acknowledge or ignore it, he doesn't give a shit. Trying very hard not to form emotional attachments, it seems only females get a pass.

This is not underhanded, but how he was raised; quietly respectful of women, more accepting of the opposite sex. He opens up more around gentler folks commonly, but they won't know the whole thing. Not right away. Baelfire does not like to share his story with anyone. As for romance? He is... nearly asexual. While attraction is there sometimes, he has no current plans to reproduce with a female. He does not care to have heirs. He is still young, and still able to make choices leading up to that choice - if at all.
--- Flynn; father, disowned
--- Flynn; mother, disowned
Flynn Siblings; various, disowned

Mentor; deceased, not blood-related
Baelfire was born to a matriarch run gang, whose vagabond lifestyle still sits well with the male today. Species was not so much valued as skill, for only strong children made for strong soldiers. The weaker pups were used to create more children with the favorable members when they came of age. This duty of selection came from higher ranks, all run by females, in the band. They kept track of breeding records and ensured no incest was ever allowed. It was frowned upon as abuse and producing weak offspring.

While most of the gang's teachings were common sense, there was an underlining cult mentality. Their people came first, and conquering others was how they survived. More or less soldiers of a war they only raged, Baelfire was raised with favor among many, many siblings. His parents had been matched in their second year, with his mother staying at their base to raise pups while their father became a veteran of their 'war'. His heritage was more coyote than wolf, and he would shift into his sixth month on this earth.

The gang became rather infamous down South, where small communities trembled in fear of being raided. There was a base known only to their people where hoards of treasure could be found. Things like pelts, jewelry and other things were kept under lock and key. The 'soldiers' more or less roamed for months on end, scouting and receiving orders via avian. When they returned, feasts and spiritual festivals were held. It wasn't all bad, but it was certainly looked down upon from an outsider's perspective. Baelfire was raised to believe in their deity, shun weakness and revel in conquest.

Not only was the young pup one of the strong children, he was unlucky to be placed in a position of being one of the gang's future soldiers. At the time, it was a grand honor. The gang made their fortune on robbing, heists and other underhanded work. They felt it was in the name of their personal religion, a Goddess who only spoke to the matriarchs under drug influence. Another Goddess was spoken of in an insulting passing - a weaker one, one that did not approve of war. The anti-hero and a threat to their way of life. It was considered weakness to show mercy and compassion to outsiders, a practice the so called heathen Goddess taught.

Forbidden was the ability to heal; a lesson and skill from the weak deity. Those injured would clean their wounds by licking the blood and disease away; those that died were considered a burden and useless. Baelfire never questioned his superiors, having trained most of his pup-hood in their ways. He was top of his proverbial class, a prospective partner to anyone looking for strong children. Raids were common in those days for the gang; taking both items and people to add as slaves. It wasn't uncommon for a family to house one or two captured spoils of war.

It was during his first year that he entered battle. It was bloody; an attack on a trading caravan. Luperci and horses were both taken, selected and given away among the gang. Baelfire was entrusted with an elderly luperci, watching her. His fellows did not know what to do with her; elders were useless to them, but they were taught to respect women. It was decided to bring her back to base. However, Baelfire fell ill due to infection during the trip. He was not expected to make it. He spent weeks in a near feverish state, while his comrades looked on helplessly. All they did was bring him water and food, which he resisted mostly due to illness.

Kind was the elder, who did not know her way was bad. She tended to him through her bindings when nobody was looking, using herbs found on the road. While he should be angry, Baelfire was not ready to die. He forgave the woman, promising to keep it a secret. The news of his recovery was a sign from their Goddess; but another luperci, jealous of Baelfire's accomplishments, would spill the beans. The young luperci was seen as accepting sin, and the elderly one was killed while he protested and fought to help her. He had to be restrained.

Baelfire was later taken, beaten and left for dead. Abandoned by his people, he clung to the knowledge the woman had shared to him. He managed to survive, making his way North after fully recovering. Though he was maimed in one eye - rendering it blind - and heavily scarred on one side, he managed to slink into a trade caravan. His appearance scared them, raised questions, so he wore a cloak when interacting. He mourned the loss of the elderly woman in his own way; taking up the role of a wandering healer. While still learning, he has a rapport of herbs already under his belt. When sickness came to the caravan, he readily offered to help them.

It took many months to get north, where he would slip into a more permanent role as a confirmed vagabond. Those that see Baelfire at any distance can confirm he is hard at work - even if there is no work to be done. He prefers to be alone and work alone, even if there is so much more to learn. He practices daily, gathering what little he can and applying it to what he has come across. While stubbornness refuses a learned mentor, he is more than willing to take those under his wing.
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