Veyron Knight


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Discord Handle: JazzytheHippo#1273
Date of Birth:
4th June 2021
Luperci Ortus
Eyes: Chambray (#395087)
Base color and underbelly: Bronco (#B2A398) & Cloud (#C4C2BD)
Soulders, hips, lower back, and mask: Saddle (#4B3122)
Knees, ears, forearms, upper tail, mask and snout blaze: Eclipse (#301F16)
Elbows, under-cape, under tail, and bib: Beaver (#8F705C)

Veyron is a wavy mix of light beige tones and dark chocolate colours weaving across his legs, side and across his face in a mask-like position. His deep blue eyes are striking against the natural tones.

Out of all his siblings, Veyron was blessed with the most 'Knight' like build. His tall stature when shifted will help the boy in demonstrating the strength of his family, however in muscle mass Veyron remains fairly average, favouring an active lifestyle but without pushing his body to any limits. Instead, there is a sharp intelligence and kindness to Veyron's eyes, something the boy hopes to strengthen as he grows. Veyron's voice carries as if practiced and well-mannered; usually coming out when speaking with others, around his siblings however, Veyron is more inclined to relax on how proper he holds himself.

Humanized thanks to his upbringing, Veyron often favours wearing clothing during his day to day activities, and takes care of his wavy hair by keeping it short and pushed back to drape down just level with his neck.
Veyron aims to be kind and well-mannered. Taught from a young age to be a good example of his heritage, Veyron is constantly holding himself to standards above those of others, save for his own siblings. He wants to please others and is one of the more social children in terms of how much effort Veyron will put into making others feel better.

A need to act 'mature' does mean that Veyron is often seen as boring, especially as he avoids things that might get him into trouble. Only Zanthe can seem to break the barrier of Veyron's polite nature, as the two brothers are often found competing with each other over various things. When it comes to all of his siblings however, Veyron feels a lot of love for them. He was born into an already massive family that stretched across a whole pack, so to Veyron, the little bubble he has with his siblings and mother is particularly special.

When their mother was lost and their other mother was left heartbroken, Veyron could sense the void in the family, and is determined to fill it as best he can by ensuring his siblings are alright. The spike in his protectiveness has also prompted Veyron to start thinking about his future and the potential of following in the footsteps of his late mother's healing nature.
Mothers - Aldora (biological), Minerva
Father - Alaric Ivanov (doner)
Littermate - Zanthe Damaichu
Siblings (by Minerva) - Lyra Damaichu, Ambrose Griffith
Veyron was born to Aldora, alongside his brother, Zanthe, during a difficult birth. When they arrived they were immediately greeted by their other siblings, Ambrose and Lyra, born to their other mother, Minerva. The small family was close, for the first few months all Veyron knew was love and affection; the fortunate upbringing of having two wonderful parents in a peaceful pack and the chance to explore and grow without risk.

As he grew, Veyron was keen to travel with his mother, Aldora, and stick to her heel whenever he could. He was often the one to manage Zanthe whenever his brother got into trouble, and would try his best to be a shining example of whatever his mother wanted from him.

Life started off well with opportunities for the boy to see new packs and make new friends. So when tragedy struck during pack celebrations that left one of his mothers dead by poison, Veyron's world was shifted. Learning from a young age that death is very real, Veyron was grounded by this reality and felt a new calling, one where protecting his family would come first.

Now training under Cerberus, one of the pack's healers, Veyron hopes to learn all he can to keep the memory of his late mother alive.
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