Roza Hushhowl

First Cadet

Casa di Cavalieri
First Cadet
Luperci Woven into shape
Discord Handle: Salena#9965
She/Her or They/Them
Date of Birth:
29th June 2021
Although technically a wolf-jackal, there is very little to show she would be. Most, if not all, of her features lean much more towards her wolf heritage. Her muzzle is much shorter and thicker with short, rounded ears. Her tail is the only thing that sticks out, seeming to be a bit bushier than a normal wolf's. Her arms and legs have some muscle to them from combative training, but not as much as other members of her family. She has a slimmer middle figure, though has some broader shoulders. She definitely gets her height from her father's side of the family, being as tall as she is.

Though she doesn't mind being in all three fours, optime is certainly the one she spends the most time in. When in this form, she grows long hair that falls just past her shoulders. Her hair is somewhat thick, keeping form no matter how she is moving. There are a few bangs that hang past her ears, but most fall along the back of her head.

She certainly got her father's looks when it comes to her pelt. She inherited his brown and white color scheme, though lacks the black coloring her father and sisters have. In winter, her colors get slightly darker with her longer fur, though not by much noticeable difference. She has the same color eyes as her father, though opposite in their placement.

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Casa itself seems very split when it comes to how humanized it is, though most in the pack do seem to wear clothing, be it simple or something more complicated. Seeing as her family also wears clothing, so too does Roza. She seems to have inherited a mix of styles from both sides of her family, even though they wear similar things. She normally wears simple, though decorative tops, usually sleeveless. She has taken an interest in wearing ones with an Asian style. Simple pants, even if on the slightly baggy side like her father's, the ends staying loose rather than clinging to her ankles. She wears armor along her shoulder, there being a small loop on the strap to hold her polearm in place when not in use. She wears leather bracers for falconry purposes.
In her youth, Roza was just as rambunctious as the rest of her littermates. She had fun getting into trouble with them, and causing chaos to anyone around them. She got a great enjoyment out of the simple things in life, content in being with her family. She was full of energy, and while she was one of the more dominant siblings along with Alyonna, she was perfectly fine to follow along behind any of her others siblings to make them happy, or to do whatever they wanted. She was not afraid to play fight with her littermates, and when friendly competitions came, she was one to encourage this behavior.

When the poisoning within Casa happened, her thorns started to develop. She began to be more observant of the people around her, making sure the people she surrounded herself with were ones she could trust. This didn't count her family, as she was certain there was no reason not to trust any of them. She became much more opinionated, speaking her mind whenever something came up she didn't agree with. If any of her littermates now did something she didn't like, she would speak up rather than just follow like she used to. Even so, because of the effect this event had on the rest of those in Casa as well as her family, she found a greater need to be there for them, to protect them. This is especially true with her small sister.

Roza adopted some of her mentor's no-nonsense attitude, at least when it comes to moments that require a serious air. There is a time and a place for everything, and this is especially true in her adulthood. She still enjoys the small moments of causing trouble with others, but this should be reserved for downtime, not when in the middle of training, or some kind of task. When she is handling something, she makes sure all her focus is on that until it is done. The only exception to this rule is if someone calls for her, or there is some kind of emergency that needs her immediate attention.
  • Father: Zetsubou
  • Mother: Dusk Hushhowl
    • Siblings: Borya Hushhowl, Zasha Hushhowl, Lyubov Hushhowl, Kazimir Hushhowl, Alyonna Hushhowl, Katja Hushhowl

Extended Family:
  • Grandparents: Hartt Attaya, Darkness Hushhowl, Shaamah, Itō Miwa
    • Aunts/Uncles: Dawn Hushhowl, Night Hushhowl, Day Hushhowl, Temnota Hushhowl, Pushok Hushhowl, Hibiki, Jamaigo, Nazar Blacksun, Mithra Blacksun
    • Cousins: Starlight Hushhowl, Orion Knight, Nilda Catori, Lyall Hushhowl
She is the daughter of Dusk Hushhowl and Zetsubou, along with her littermates: Kazimir Hushhowl, Alyonna Hushhowl, and Katja Hushhowl?. She is the youngest of the children born to her parents, being part of their third litter. She also has three older siblings, but didn't get as much time to interact with them as she did her other siblings. Her childhood was full of adventure, romping around with the others around the densite. All in all, everything was well and good.

When Casa di Cavalieri was celebrating their foundation, she was horrified to find that not only were members of the pack getting sick, but also died. Of those that were ill, there were also those that had gone comatose from the sickness, including her own brother. It didn't help that other members of her family, including her sister, had been ones that had gotten sick. She was secluded away from them while they were recovering, but it certainly didn't help her feel any better. The idea that someone would do something like this, and from within their own pack hit her hard. When it was discovered that the cause was not only a poison, but that the trial held for the accused left them to only be under heavy watch, rubbed her the wrong way. It was a fair verdict, but made her bitter because of her siblings being directly affected.

When she came of the proper age to be given a mentor, she was assigned to Starlight Hushhowl. With as many Hushhowls as there was, she wasn't surprised she was given to someone within the family. She was determined to show both her mentor, and her family, how much she could grow. She wanted to make sure there would not be another incident her siblings would have to experience, or at the very least, she would be able to do something rather than be secluded from them. Tragedy struck in the middle of her apprenticeship when her mother died. It struck the young Hushhowls, but she was still determined to do her best when her First Blood came around. Having passed, she was the one that seemingly did the best of those in her age group, but found her family returned to being her priority outside a few instances.

Currently, Roza is working hard to fit into her new role in the adult ranks. She focuses on the training of Iolanta, an Osprey she helped rescue, as well as upkeep with more water related tasks. She has been assigned as the mentor to Lotai Stryder, even though she was younger than most qualified for such an assignment. She wants to train him the best she can, and show she will not let her other fellow knights down.
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