Tallulah Colt

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Dog Hybrid (2/4 collie, 1/4 sheltie, 1/4 coyote)
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18th June 2019
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Tallulah Colt takes much more after her domestic canine heritage than her wild one. While only a quarter coyote, she is obviously a high contrast dog hybrid. Her breed is mainly collie with some sheltie mixed in, adding to the herding dog aspect of ranching and farm life. She is lean, curvy in all the right places with wide hips and a respectable chest. However, she does not take much pride in her features than others that think so. Her cleaning routine (fur, hair, etc) are like work; do them once, do them right and then move on.

Resembling a merle collie, except with brown instead of blue-gray, Tallulah has more natural colors. A long French braid keeps her optime fur from her eyes, which sparkle in periwinkle. The young woman has a modest way of dressing; comfortability and movement are a big part. If she feels overdressed, she cannot work properly on anything. The less clothing the better, light and airy as she prefers. Corsets, cloth pelts, blouses... Skirts or pants. She will add some vanity to her appearance by adding feathers from wild birds of prey.

Her size in Optime Form is 5 feet and 6 inches. Her size in Secui is 40 inches. Lastly, in Lupus; she is of 24 inches.
No stranger to hard work, Tallulah is dutiful when it comes to a job of any kind. She is meticulous, a perfectionist to the core. Do it right, you only have to do it once. That's what her Pa always told her. Working from sun-up to sundown, she can be seen in the same spot for hours doing a various of situations. The time to relax comes with an honest day's work; it is something she prides herself in. Modest to a fault, the dog hybrid is humble when complimented. She seems embarrassed if anyone does notice her, brushing off comments with a stylish politeness.

However, her routine leaves little downtime to enjoy herself. She is a workaholic and believes herself to be rather flat outside of a job. Assuming others are interested in her is beyond her, and she is quietly surprised when they speak to her. Keeping mostly to herself, Tallulah is often seen drinking alone - or enjoying random company when presented. She has left her old friends back South, and finds it a bit awkward to approach others to start anew. When they take the reigns and do it first, she is grateful. If she does it, she only does it out of kindness if she sees someone by themselves.

Tallulah is one of those benevolent and kind types underneath it all. She will do what she feels to be the correct course of action, aided by the teachings of a father gone but still beloved. One to take you in if you have nowhere to go, one to share food with a starving beggar... She does not ostracize people. The woman will look them dead in the eye, acknowledging their presence and accepting their existence. Accepting them, for all their faults. Though she cannot stand those who do harm for the sake of it, and cannot condone evil in any form.
walter colt; father, alive
georgia colt; mother, deceased
only child of the pair
Rusty; clydesdale, stallion, mount
3 years old, low speech

Beau; male gyrfalcon, scout
2 years old, broken high speech

[Image: 59a2KOC8_o.png]

Tallulah Georgia Colt was born to Walter Colt and his wife, whom the girl had been named for. Walter had been a teacher near a small Coyote-dominant community in the South Americans. He met his mate while she traveled through in a caravan, and the pair fell in love. Georgia decided to stay with Walter and the pair made a home for themselves after a long courtship. They traded for land, made a ranch. Decided to settle down there. Tallulah was the result of their union and the last time that Walter would see his wife alive. The woman died during childbirth - an unfortunate side-effect of having no healer around for miles.

Walter never blamed his daughter for this. She was the apple of his eye from the start, and he did his best to make sure she survived and was healthy. A wet nurse was hired on the homestead, though Tallulah was much more closer to her father than her. Once the pup was able to survive off meat, the woman departed. Tallulah was taught to read and write by Walter. She was also taught how to ride a horse and wrangle. The man even taught his pup how to defend herself from the world. She grew less and less like a proper lady each day, developing skills that would turn her into a tomboy. She easily shifted into a Luperci during her sixth month.

The only friends Tallulah had were a few Luperci - coyotes and dogs - when Walter took her into town. Though they'd visit the ranch sometimes, it was a dangerous route alone. While Walter entertained the parents, his daughter showed them proudly the ins and outs of raising livestock. They got into adventures. They explored. But they were always careful to come back well before dark. Tallulah eventually lost contact with them as they all grew up. She had a choice to make; stay with Pa or go her own way. After some gentle prodding from Walter, she would travel north. The journey took most of spring and summer, falling into autumn and then winter.

Tallulah kept getting distracted by the big wide world, eventually finding her way to Nova Scotia. There, she fell in with a coyote-dominate pack that had the values and traditions she had been brought up around. She still writes to her Pa and sends letters via caravan, bird, etc. He wishes her well, but she knows she may return to him if he ever needed her.
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