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Atica is a somewhat wiry young woman blending the features of her noble parents. The majority of her pelt is a warm alabaster white, but her back and part of her sides are covered in a saddle-like marking of deep black interspersed with auburn, and the very tip of her tail is black. Her eyes, framed with more of her pelt's brighter hues, almost seem to shift color slightly depending on the way light hits them, hints of her heritage playing with one another, not unlike the sunset.

When in Optime, her hair extends into long tresses that continue the pattern seen on her back. Eager to remain on the move, she would frequently style it in ways that would free up her vision, but most of her hairstyles tend to be distinctly lazy and somewhat wild. With no shortage of dresses to wear to seem as noble and ladylike as she can, Atica would sooner garb herself in a variety of more practical wear. Capes, leather straps to carry whatever she might need on her journeys - she prefers to convey the spirit of wanderlust rather than throne room bound grace.

Atica's early months of life have yet to leave scars or any applied markings on her. Perhaps she will live to change that sooner or later.
Fennore tried to instill Atica with etiquette and social grace. Bellad - with patient wisdom. Neither quite stuck right with her, swiftly diluted if not outright dissolved by a heart and mind in motion. Neither she herself nor her peers seemed to have an easy time keeping her still. Her curiosity is rarely sated by longwinded lectures or books. Instead it is wild and hungry to a reckless extent and her remembering her supposed noble bearing shows up, at its finest, as an afterthought.

Generally Atica comes across as somewhat airy but passionate, particularly about exploring. Even in her wild ways she might strain people's boundaries and almost certainly their peace of mind, she is well-meaning and tries her best to be ultimately harmless in her antics. She'll even apologize if it's her fault!


Certain events in her early months, particularly after first shift, prevented her from simply embracing a happy-go-lucky life. Unwilling to grow into the constraints of the duties of adults, she nonetheless finds herself challenged. Fears of her family and her pack, old and new, would shape her to be strong-willed, but even beyond that, much of her time will be spent eliminating foolhardiness from the mix.
Mother - Fennore
Father - Bellad Songthorn
Brother - Rohan Heartsong
Uncle - Ierian Songthorn
Aunt - Eesold O'Hartigan
Atica Songthorn was born to the newly formed family of Bellad Songthorn and Fennore, both founding members of the pack of New Caledonia, along with her brother, Rohan Heartsong. The recently-risen noble and the Isiltári weren't necessarily fully prepared for the siblings' arrival, yet the two of them were born into genuine love. Atica, their Little Light, and Rohan, their Sunspot. Needless to say, once the puppies grew enough to comprehend their surroundings, their parents had ideas. The fables of the Songthorns' old tribe, the stars and the many varied things that grew and crawled. The noble ways and grace of Fennore, ways of carrying oneself.

Uniquely exposed to the distinct blend of cultures represented by her parents, Atica nonetheless didn't become the spitting image of either one. Hers was a chance to become something new entirely - a prospect that she embraces eagerly with a touch of wild abandon.

She grew up oblivious to the deeper pains of the people who brought her into being. For the longest time, she did not know why her father and uncle had their burn scars. She did not know the history behind her mother's brand, and it took her time to understand the nuanced differences between "mother" and "Isiltári". In time she was exposed to so much more, if only through hints that never seemed to launch their hooks into her directly.

Shortly after her first shift, New Caledonia is not just a place of unrelenting transparency. There is rising turmoil, suspicions and intrigue that mercilessly gripped young and old. Time will tell if from this she would rise into the self-styled adventuress she wishes herself to be.
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