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4th June 2021
Luperci Ortus
Zanthe is fairly average in his appearance, fitting the mold of a large black wolf. His pelt ranges in hue from dark slate to inky true black, with the lightest shade around his eyes and peppering his cape. His fur lightens noticeably in the winter, and thickens considerably, in comparison to his summer pelt.

Though he is not full wolf it is nearly impossible to tell what his non-wolf heritage is. The only hint being his mismatched eyes; his right a bright chartreuse yellow and the left eye a golden wattle.

His body type will be lithe and narrow, with well defined yet stringy muscles. While not appearing malnourished, one would be hard pressed to find a spec of fat on the boy. His shaggy mop of a mane will be styled simply, slicked away from his eyes with water or some animal fat to keep it tame. From time to time he may even grow it out long enough to put into a small bun or ponytail.

In Optime and after becoming full-grown, Zanthe will hit a respectable 6'9" - 206 cm and weigh around 200 lbs - 91 kg, his gait is confident with a slight skip this step, his visage will often be graced with a soft smirk that makes its way to his sharp gaze.
Still in his early youth, Zanthe's personality is just starting to emerge. He is more adventurous and stubborn than his siblings, often disregarding his mothers' advice and authority. His capricious nature often gets him into trouble, but to him, it's a whole lot of fun; he is not yet aware of how dire the consequences of his actions can be.

He is always eager to learn though tends not to be the best student, often becoming listless and bored during more tedious lessons. He reacts much more enthusiastically to physical training and is always on board to chase, fight, track, or push the limits of what his body can do.

Though still young and having only recently shifted, Zanthe is already starting to become interested in the opposite sex as a romantic object, regardless of age or availability. In the future, this interest will evolve into a slightly polyamorous outlook that will most likely get the young prince into trouble.

Zanthe has little to no filter and will say pretty much anything that is on his mind, regardless of any negative consequences. Eventually he’ll find out that keeping one’s tongue in check can have its advantages.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral - this may change over time as Zanthe matures
Immediate Family

Mother — Aldora Knight (biological), Minerva Griffith
Father — Alaric Ivanov
Littermates — Veyron Knight
Siblings (by Minerva) — Lyra Damaichu, Ambrose Griffith

Extended Family

Maternal Grandparents — Callum Knight & Veyra Damaichu
Maternal Uncles — Marius Damaichu, Eros Damaichu, Munroe Knight, Harlequin Knight, Rohan Damaichu
Paternal Grandparents — Veri Secanti, Rurik Ivanov
Paternal Uncles — Lucian Marino, Caspian Knight
Paternal Aunts — Isobel
First Cousins — Atrea Secanti, Abilene Damaichu
Nephew & Nieces — TBD
Family Heritage — Knight, Damaichu, Secanti
Zanthe Damaichu is the son of Aldora Knight and Minerva Griffith with Alaric Ivanov serving as donor. He was born the 4th of June, 2021 within Casa di Cavalieri. His early life was filled with nothing but joy and entertainment, and he found great joy in playing and interacting with both his siblings as well as the many other puppies within Casa di Cavalieri.

When he was old enough to travel, his mother brought his siblings and himself to Del Cenere, Zanthe’s first interaction with those of another pack. This journey would spark his future interest in diplomacy and adventure, it was also the first time he had noticed girls, which would spark a different kind of future interest.

At the end of November 2021, momma Minerva was killed from poisoning; Zanthe was not affected as negatively as his siblings, taking after his mother Aldora in the way he deals with death. After a month, the pain of losing a parent was nearly forgotten, instead replaced by the excitement of gaining a mentor and finally being able to shift onto two legs.

Now ready to join the adult ranks, Zanthe puts all his energy into training, becoming strong, and eventually winning in his First Blood.
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