Date of Birth:
14th March 2021
Luperci Ortus
Lexus is of tawny and cream colorations, made up with multiple thick layers of fur around her neck. Although on the very skinny side, she is very pretty to see, and oftentimes under estimated.

Standing at just five foot one inches, and weighing only one hundred and three pounds, in Optime, the girl’s short stature makes her unassuming to others, and can easily slip by unnoticed.

Lexus typically is seen wearing long dresses of grey or dull/pale colors. Afraid of standing out and showing her scars, the little coydog is often dulling herself down. With time this may change, but for now, the lithe femme stays as unnoticeable as she can.

With time she will grow her mane out but until events happen she’ll remain silent she short, choppy hair cut off by Aani.

Lexus holds her head high, and stutters whenever she’s nervous. With piercing blue eyes, none hardly notice the scars covered with the help of her high necked shirts and dresses.

In Lupus form, she is very tiny. When she does use Lupus, her speed is incredible, but due to being skinny it only happens in short bursts, as she will need to stop for water.

In Secui she’s bulkier and heavier but not as tall or thick as others she often sees.
Submissive, and demure, the once loved child, has never changed in her posture. Holding her covering for clothing to an extreme.

Lexus acts tougher than she is, and often times speaks her mind whenever she is allowed. With some effort she can and will overcome her lisp, and embrace the way of life.

Lexus speaks soft, and slow a lot of the time, being as young as she is, the female is often over looked in a crowd. Using this to her advantage, she cycles the knowledge obtained from conversations and implements it into her brain.

Although Lexus is young, she is highly intelligent and uses this to her advantage at some points.

Through time, the normally submissive female will turn to dominant. That being said, Lexus tries to hang back and not let her guard down.

Despite these aspects, she is often times considered micromanaging, clingy, and deft.

All in all Lexus is a complicated creature (given the circumstances) and tries to remain as unseen as she can, often focusing her abilities on caring for others. A heart of gold, turned sour by the acts of evil, she will try to uphold to it— likely not being able to succeed.
Lexus was born to Carya Aston and an unnamed Coyote. Given her mother’s’ dog heritage, she was often coddled and loved until the fateful day her sister appeared.

At just seven (almost eight) months, the just shifted female had her entire life ripped away by Aani Aston-D’Noires. Following the excitement and the pledge to protect her, Lexus wound up being a slave, and going from knowing love, to being beaten daily.

During her capture, Aani cut off her long, beautiful locks, and Lexus has since kept it short to appease her older sister.

During her time in Salsola Lexus has grown to love her niece and nephew dearly and when someone tries to mess with them, as Aani has, she stands up for them. Slightly older than she, it is of no matter. Lexus has since developed a relationship with Arius, Deirdra and Azalea, sometimes leaning on them for more support.

Although her time has been not the happiest or greatest, she tries to understand laws and customs, mainly sticking to the down low side of things.

For now, she sits in Salsola and is confused on the ordeal. Trying to hide her own emotional turmoil and live her best life as a serf. Despite her battles she tries to remain optimistic and positive though it’s often tougher on her than normal. Desperate to seek any sort of symbolic relationship that she can.
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