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17th February 2021
Luka Stryder takes after her biological parents in the looks department. Primarily wolf and coyote, her dog blood only shines through in her deep red coloring that she inherited from both father and birth mother. Her white fur is brighter than either parent, perhaps a throwback to Neela Garcia, her great-grandmother, who is also the source of most of her dog blood. Her piercing ice-blue eyes came out of seemingly nowhere, but her brother has similarly pale eyes so they must be in the genes somewhere.

Luka is small and lean compared to most of her Stryder-Knight relatives. She lacks tall stature and big bones of her warrior kin, and instead favors the lighter blood of her coyote relatives.

In her optime form, Luka has luxurious red curls, thanks to her father. For now, they fall down her back in rich waves but it probably won't last long. They are thick and heavy on her thin frame, a hard weight to carry all the time. She stands a few inches under 6 feet tall making her by far the shortest of her nuclear family. Despite her comparatively diminutive stature, Luka commands any room she enters. Her body language is dominating and expressive. It's impossible to ignore her.
Luka Stryder is everything her father could have been. She's charming, charismatic, and coy. A social butterfly who flitters around to wherever her heart desires. She commands attention with her large personality and physical expressions. It's hard to not like the girl as she always smiles and laughs at all the right things. Her biggest talent, perhaps, might be her initial likeability.

It is, of course, only initial. After prolonged exposure to the Stryder princess, it becomes quite evident that the girl has never known any hardships. Luka gets what she wants, one way or the other. She doesn't seem to understand the word no because it almost never applies to her. She's an expert in finding loopholes and a skilled manipulator in getting out of consequences. She doesn't care about those who might get in her way or how her actions could affect others. Perhaps this inner reflection will be learned as she grows older, but for now Luka Stryder is the center of her own universe.

Luka inherited her biological father's inability to retain attention on anything that doesn't give instant gratification rather than her other father's unending patience. Her attentions are fickle and her temper flares up at the slightest provocation. Rather than bite her own tongue, Luka prefers to lash out at anything nearby, consequences be damned.
cNPC: Arlen Stryder (father), Arlene (cow)
Damon and his mate, Arlen Stryder, left the Casa di Cavalieri packland to retreat to the outpost in Portland following family tragedies. While there, their relationship flourished and the pair decided it was time to expand their family. Damon's sister, Isobel, offered to act as a surrogate for them as she loved them both and wished to see their little family grow. A few short months later, Isobel bore them two children who they named Luka Stryder and Erik Ivanov. Isobel remained a constant figure in the children's lives, both as an aunt and as a maternal figure until Arlen and Damon decided to return to Casa proper when the children reached shifting age.

The journey took the family several months as Arlen Stryder was crippled from a bear attack in his youth and cannot travel long distances without lots of rest. The family finally arrived in Casa in late September where they were greeted at the borders by Guinevere Callow-Knight and Alaric Ivanov, younger brother of Damon and uncle to Luka and Erik. It was there that the news of Veri's death reached the men who had intended the trip to be an introduction of their children to Damon's mother after a large fight separated the family.

The news shattered Luka's fathers, but life always must move on. They integrated themselves into the pack's structured lifestyle and the siblings soon found themselves with the same responsibilities as the other youths of Casa, something that Luka swiftly became resentful of.
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