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30th September 2020
Although at a casual glance Vannin might appear of pure wolf stock, even someone slightly more attentive, or perhaps closer, would become aware of his dog heritage. His markings are stereotypically wolf, but there is a greater bulk to him, and the length of his pelt is slightly too long. His size is akin to that of his brother Elkin, with large paws and chest, though perhaps a little smaller. This last point has often been the instigation for many bouts of play fighting. If Vannin is indeed smaller, it would explain how he can manage to power his frame to such speeds, often surprising opponents or pack mates. Perhaps one of Vannin's most striking features are his eyes. One eye is a warm liquid gold, while the other is the pale grey blue of arctic ice. They are certainly one of the features that most comment on before anything else.

While his markings are different from that of Elkin, there is no doubt that the pair share a common ancestry. Vannin moves through the landscape as one who is intimately familiar with it, attuning himself to his surroundings, both the seen and unseen. Vannin is possessed of a rolling lope, which can eat miles while expending the minimum of effort.
Vannin is often relaxed and content to let life lead him where it will. He is gregarious and enjoys the company of others, particularly that of his brother, who he loves wholeheartedly in mind and soul. He can be raucous and physical in gestures of friendship and in affection to pack and family. Family, food and home are all very dear to Vannin, and like his brother it can be difficult to get him to take very many things too seriously, though he has been caught in the odd moment of introspection on occasion.

Vannin is loyal, patient and kind, and perhaps one of his faults is he expects others to be as open as he is. While he understands guile, it is not something he often employs. He is hard to rouse to anger, but in defence of what he values, he can be terrifyingly fierce. Although the adversity of life has yet to truly assert itself upon Vannin, lucky as he was to live among the wealth of his pack, he has a stoic acceptance that many may see as part of his dog ancestry.

When Vannin speaks, his tone is unexpectedly deep but wit ha lyrical note, rather than anything horrible or raspy. He is a very genuine Luperci, honest without being unkind, there is little malice in him.
Elkin Brother
The other son born to Torrin, a leader of Darkholt from Trillium Hollow, and his mate, Snježana Parhelion, Vannin was not burdened with the aspirations of his parents and spent a great deal of time exploring and sating his curiosity. His heterochromia earned him the label of 'Masra-blessed' and those of a more spiritual bent within the pack did their best to help Vannin conform to what one with ties to the spirits should be like. Unfortunately, Elkin and Vannin's own personality meant this would never have happened. Vannin did not lack respect, but he did not show the 'proper' reverence for the spirits or those who were 'further upon their journey' which did not endear him to many.

Vannin found planning pranks with his brother Elkin irresistible, and their antics amused more than they annoyed. So it was a shame that the one that they annoyed took advantage of such a situation to exact a political manoeuvre. Their final prank of disrupting a pack hunt was well executed and priceless, but it cost them their home. The brothers were forced to leave and, at least for now, find their own way in the world. A seed of guilt took hold in Vannin’s heart the day their sentence was bestowed upon them, and though small, it took root.
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